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Wide Ocean Big Jacket

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An aunt and uncle take their middle-school niece and her boyfriend on an overnight camping trip in WIDE OCEAN BIG JACKET Take part in a classic camping trip: Roast hot dogs on the fire, go birdwatching, tell ghost stories, grab a beverage from the cooler and do cartwheels on the beach. WOBJ is a short story game including 20 chapters, 4 playable characters, 10,000 words of dialog and 8 explorable areas, all rendered in a beautiful 2D/3D art style.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Camping can be quite boring. It turns out watching campers is a whole lot more fun if Wide Ocean Big Jacket is any indication.
Brad and Cloanne take their niece and her new boyfriend on their first camping adventure. Mord and Ben are quite reluctant to begin with. They’re not quite sure what to expect but it’s been a long time since Mord spent time with her Auntie, especially as a blossoming adult, and she is keen for them to get to know her new partner.
Brad and Cloanne are quite comfortable in the outdoor environment but less familiar with teenage angst and problems. It seems like everyone will be learning new things on this adventure.
Wide Ocean Big Jacket is a short and linear narrative adventure revolving around life in the wilderness, relationships and growing up.
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🤔Overall Impressions🤔
Wide Ocean Big Jacket is a gentle, charming and amusing look at camping and relationships. The quirky but jovial tune playing in the background and the unusual use of colour and graphics sets a perfect tone for what to expect; An oddball adventure that is just wholesome and entertaining.
This was a lovely way to spend ninety minutes of my evening, and the time just flew by. There was something mesmerizing about this game, with its abundance of charm and witty moments. The characters were very likable and the writing was engaging, light-hearted and entertaining.
Events are never farcical, they’re just things that could easily happen on a camping trick, but they’re wonderfully presented and uplifting. The relationships between the four are cleverly constructed. Conversations flow between the characters effortlessly and we get to see a range of different topics discussed and evaluated. It’s all kept brief and punchy but it’s testament to the excellent writing that the short exchanges between characters leave such a memorable impression.
I think this is partly down to the ambiance of the game. The graphics are striking in their simplicity, with bold colours and loosely drawn environments, and the music is so jaunty and spirited that it invokes happiness. It really is a feel-good game and you can’t help chuckle and smile whilst their adventure pans out.
There isn’t much game play. Initiating conversations drives the story forward but this is quite linear and we have no choice who to speak to, just when we would like to start. You’ll find yourself bouncing between dialogue exchanges quite quickly. Sentences are very short but conversations still seem meaningful and often very witty. These short interchanges keep the pace high which holds your attention.

At moments you will control each character and sometimes more than one at the same time. Everyone seems to get their moment and viewer’s attention. Moving around the environments is restricted but you will have the opportunity to complete very basic tasks as the game instructs, like lighting a fire, setting up a tent etc. None of these tasks are taxing in the slightest but it is a nice way to get involved rather than just watch events unfold.
The game is fully of witty, touching and relatable moments and is just a pleasant way to spend an hour and a half.
Wide Ocean Big Jacket is a delightful slice of life adventure that may be short in length but certainly not short in entertainment. With its quirky nature and memorable characters, it’s bound to leave you smiling and satisfied. A feel-good winner. Recommended.

Review from Steam

one of the best games i have ever played. memorable, simple story with goofy, incredible characters. HIGHLY underrated, i recommend for anyone and everyone. only downside is that it is short, but replayable for sure. i love it.

Review from Steam

I do not remember the last time a video game made me physically laugh besides this one.
Actually, that's a lie. The last game to make me laugh was Disco Elysium in 2019. But then, that should say something about this game.

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