How to obtain the Falx in Elden Ring

How to obtain the Falx in Elden Ring

In the latest Elden Ring expansion, players are introduced to a plethora of new weapons, each boasting unique capabilities and strategic advantages. Among these, the Falx stands out as a powerful Curved Greatsword, not only for its combat prowess but also for the intricate process required to obtain it. Unlike many other weapons that are easily acquired by defeating enemies, the Falx demands players to deeply immerse themselves in the game’s lore and complete specific quests, particularly those involving the enigmatic Hornsent.

This guide provides a detailed walkthrough on how to acquire the Falx, ensuring you can add this powerful weapon to your arsenal.

Starting the Quest

To begin your journey to obtain the Falx, you first need to delve into the Hornsent’s questline. Your initial encounter in this quest will be with Leda, whom you will meet at the Three-Path Cross Site of Grace. Leda will direct you to Hornsent, who will provide you with a map marked with crosses, indicating key points of interest.

The first significant milestone in your quest is Castle Ensis. Progress through this location, battling enemies and overcoming obstacles until you encounter and defeat Rellana. This victory paves the way for your next destination: Scadu Altus.

Wait for this message to appear
Wait for this message to appear

At the Highroad Cross Site of Grace in Scadu Altus, you will find Hornsent once more. He will provide you with another map, guiding you toward the Shadow Keep, a primary legacy dungeon in the expansion. As you approach the dungeon’s entrance, you will receive a message indicating that a great rune has broken, signaling the opening of your first opportunity to acquire the Falx.

Method One: Confrontation at the Main Gate Plaza

One way to obtain the Falx involves a direct confrontation with Hornsent. Travel to the Main Gate Plaza Site of Grace within the Shadow Keep. If you have unlocked the necessary staircase shortcut, reaching this point will be more efficient. Upon ascending to the top of the stairs, you will encounter two summon signs: one red and one gold.

Defeat Hornsent
Defeat Hornsent

Interacting with the red summon sign initiates an invasion of Hornsent’s world, accompanied by Leda. Here, you must defeat Hornsent in battle. Upon his defeat, he will drop the coveted Falx along with his entire armor set. However, be warned that this method will prematurely end Hornsent’s questline, preventing further progression in his storyline.

Method Two: Aiding Hornsent

The alternative method to acquire the Falx allows you to continue Hornsent’s questline to its conclusion. Instead of engaging him directly, interact with the gold summon sign to summon Hornsent as an ally. Together, you will face and defeat Messmer, the Impaler. Following this victory, continue your journey until you reach the Church of the Bud.

Battle against Messmer
Battle against Messmer

At the Church of the Bud, Hornsent will invade you, resulting in a challenging one-on-one battle. Defeating him at this juncture will not only end his storyline but also reward you with the Falx and his armor set.


Obtaining the Falx in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is a multifaceted endeavor that requires strategic decision-making and skillful combat. Whether you choose to confront Hornsent directly or aid him in his battles, the journey to acquire this powerful weapon is filled with rich lore and challenging encounters. By following this guide, you can ensure that the Falx becomes a valuable addition to your collection, enhancing your capabilities as you continue to explore the expansive world of Elden Ring.

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