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ZS Online is a top-down 2D shooting multiplayer game that you can enjoy in less than 10 to 16 minutes. Pick up the materials during the day, and make the weapons and items you want! At night, the view becomes narrow and zombies come out. The number of zombies increases every day, and poisonous gases hit the city.

Players can pick up materials scattered across various buildings in the city.

You can harvest trees and fruits.

The map shows the position of the other player, and if you enter the house, you will not be able to see the opponent.

Hunger decreases, and the faster you move, the faster you decrease. When hunger reaches zero, your stamina decreases, and you can eat food to make up for it.

You can combine the ingredients to make weapons, such as knives and guns, or throw tools, armor, and food.

It gets dark at night, and the view is limited, and zombies come out. You will also lose sight of other players on the map.

As the days go by, the number of zombies increases, and poison gas hits the city.

If there is only one player left on the map, you will win.

Choose a character with multiple abilities and play it.

You can also play by yourself without the Internet. In this case, zombies come out during the day, and more. Also, poison gas does not hit the city and scores points.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I came into this title with very low expectations, given another Steam reviewer I often find myself agreeing with gave this a thumbs down. I do have a soft spot for indie titles developed by individuals who despite lacking the resources or ability to create top-notch graphics, can still pull off a game that is fun in the gameplay department. While this game isn't likely to amaze in either the graphics or gameplay department, the entire experience is a net positive.
The graphics are ultra simplistic, with most buildings being relatively unremarkable. The town is fairly decent sized but given it's the only map, it definitely hinders replay value. The different zombies are easily identifiable, and the various zombies require different tactics for attacking. Stay away from the bombhead zombie with melee weapons unless you are able to take quite the damage to health!
The game accomodates to numerous strategies and gameplay styles. If you are the crafting type, there's a relatively full-featured crafting system available that's easy enough to use. If you are the resource management type, there's plenty of that to do with limited inventory space. Skill will trump gear in most situations, making this a title that has a relatively even playing field when it comes to new players coming in who are skilled versus veterans who might know where certain items, etc are located or can be crafted.
The core gameplay loop is fun but not sufficient to keep someone glued to this game for hours on end. It's a game you'd pick up, play for 10-20 minutes, and subsequently move on to something else. As such, the game is quite a bit of fun and offers replay value in discovering the various items to craft. For those achievement hunters out there, the achievements aren't terribly difficult to obtain.
Overall, it's a slight net positive. I'll likely revisit when I'm bored, and it's better than many titles I played around Halloween.

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