Zombie Death Day

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The existence of the human race is under threat.

Hordes of zombies are on the prowl, and you are one of those leading the fight against them.

Wake up

You have been unconscious.

Wake up, and find out what’s going on.

Search your surroundings

There are various weapons to find.

Keep looking for new weapons to increase your firepower.

Some weapons are better than others

Bladed weapons are better than bare hands, but projectile weapons are even better.

Keep looking for ammunition to make sure you have enough bullets to deal death to the infected.

Save your stamina

Let vehicles take the strain out of travelling.

A variety of vehicles can be used, if you can find them.

Reach each checkpoint

Follow the on screen instructions.

The arrows will show you the way.

Reach every checkpoint.

You can find various items to help you complete each mission.

Find medicine, food and water

Make sure you find plenty of food and drink, as your stamina will need to be replenished.

Attacks by the infected can quickly drain your health.

Find medicine to stay healthy.

Battle till the end

You have the weaponry to take down the hordes, but one bite could mean the end of your life.

Fight as hard as you can.

This First Person Shooter puts you at the frontline of the battle to repel the hordes, and save the human race.

One way or another, it’s Zombie Death Day…

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