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Zombie Commander

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Lead the apocalypse !

Zombie Commander is a strategy game about bringing the extinction of Humanity. Your goal is to spread a virus infestation across the United States. Then form massive non-living hordes to invade cities, destroy the human armies, hunt refugees, and bring the civilization to its end.


  • Spread the infestation across the country
  • Create your hordes with 7 kind of zombies. Each having its own strengths and weaknesses
  • Hunt the civilian refugees
  • Destroy human armies and bases
  • Prevent medical teams to find a cure for the virus


  • Full US map with dying lights in infested areas
  • AI progressive reaction to the virus. Up to 5 phases leading to nuclear blasts
  • Full tech tree to improve your hordes
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Cool nice little game, fun, can be really hard, especially if you're too greedy. And once you start your game it's quite addictive, you don't want to quit until ya have destroyed every humans.

Review from Steam

Actually was a lot of fun, i didnt realise you could hold down the recruitment buttons to mass recruit till about half way threw the game. Over all its a fun small game and i hope to see it grow in the future maby add the rest of north america and then just keep going. prob wont play again till it has achievements or a larger map but the time i did play and experiment with was a blast just not a lot of replayability.

Review from Steam

The devs need to invest in a spell/grammer checker and the controls need some work (could use some keyboard shortcuts) but otherwise the game is fun.

Review from Steam

I like it. thank you.

Review from Steam

Almost beat the camaing but you cant retreat so i lost everything good game but it needs changes

Review from Steam

It's decently fun! Doesn't have much depth, and can feel a little shallow at times, but you can kill a good hour or two with this! 9/10

Review from Steam

Fun and entertaining small casual strategy game. Very nice and new concept: Being the zombie plague instead of the human "plague", but it is quite difficult, so don't underestimate it because of the "casual" description.

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