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Master, feel free to give us any suggestions and we love to make some progress. Blessed land, a Celestial place where masters live. For centuries, Celestial Academy guarded the enhancement for protecting human away from Dark Emptiness. But, every story has the end.. When lunar eclipse, the sky-fire strike through the enhancement. Now, Dark Emptiness come to earth and bring the Demon God back aliveā€¦ You, One of the students of the Celestial College start your journey bringing the anima and fix the crack in the Blessed land! Six Different Character In the Zengeon world, there are different characters to choose from, each with completely different skills and features. The game focuses on the Action component of the action role-playing game. So with the understanding of different characters, you need to makes some different operations and strategies. Roguelike Element in Zengeon Feeling the different fun on random levels, variety of props and rich monster types when diving into the depth of the Blessed land. Every ReTry is a whole new different journey, a brand new feeling of growing up.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I get the feeling this game is a lot more fun in co-op, but in single player its a decent quality roguelike. Five characters, two difficulty settings, and it looks like lots of build options. Problem is that the dungeons are pretty uninteresting, there are only four or five basic enemies plus the bosses, and the controls are wonky - I believe most animations can't be cancelled, so if you swing and want to turn around or dodge you have to complete the swing animation before anything happens. This makes the controls just feel really terrible.
Apart from that issue it hits all the right notes of a short roguelike, but there are better roguelikes to play. Still, not a bad title to get on sale.

Review from Steam

no crashes on win10, works well with controller
stats say nobody plays this, so don't expect multiplayer
there's really only one viable build in my opinion, and characters are quite similar, so not that much replay value
the game itself is good however

Review from Steam

I only played for a bit and beat the first boss, so far I like it.
The gameplay is pretty fun overall, controller works perfectly, movement can be a little wonky at times but still enjoyable, the combat is also really enjoyable in my opinion.
I like the characters, the graphics are good too, I like this graphic style. Sometimes it feels like there are way too many enemies and there are a few bugs here and there, but nothing game-breaking in my experience. English translation is a bit wonky but still understandable, should be an easy fix.
I can't really comment much on the story because I haven't progressed much but from what I've seen it's ok, nothing special in my opinion but you can have fun playing without paying much attention to it.
The music could do with a little work, It's pretty good but it's just a short track that loops. It would be nice to have a little more variety or at least try to make the looping less noticeable.
Overall Zengeon is pretty good in my opinion, something to pick up and casually play occasionally.

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