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About this Game

A small RPG where you play as a crash-landed alien in disguise on a mission to brainwash the humans of Earth, one person at a time. Join up with an Earth child and a germaphobic toilet on your quest to conquer the planet with alien mind control glasses, while exploring a varied suburb of a flyover town. You might have shown up uninvited, but soon the people of Earth will see things your way!


- Original soundtrack and artwork

- RPG style battles

- Face pictures for almost every NPC

- Dialogue heavy, comedy focused story elements

- Recurring suburb hub area with different buildings to explore

- Wide enemy variety including humans, robots, rodents, aliens, and more!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

A cozy but clunky invader zim inspired RPG. Lots of funny dialogue and a decent but item/skills heavy turn based combat system. If you want an indie RPG with soul try this out.

Review from Steam

the ultimate healing item, iced coffee with raw egg and extra shell

Review from Steam

Very enjoyable. It's a straightforward role-playing game that looks Earthbound inspired, kind of reminds me of the movie They Live but just with really quirky teenage dialogue.

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