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X Equal – Hack the giant

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►Various Play Styles Through Combination of Unique Combat Characteristics

■ The combination of unique combat characteristics, not just numerical change-oriented growth, allows players to feel visual and play experience diversity.

►A rogue-light game that you can enjoy easily

■ Each session has 20 to 30 minutes of play time, allowing the player to repeat without burden.

■ Each session has random choices and rewards, allowing users to experience different things each time they play.

►Pixel Graphic Art

■ We will appeal to users who prefer pixel graphics with our years-old pixel graphics capabilities.

►Simple and familiar controls

■ Users can quickly immerse themselves in the game with simple game manipulation using only WASD, mouse, and space bar.


It was in 2080 when the corruption and tyranny of big corporations were rampant...

The main character X, a master hacker of the hacker group "Rinascita", is engaged in hacking into and punishing the confidential information of large companies that are committing corruption.

Upon hearing the news, Rinascita's fellow named hackers support the protagonist with their hacking program Add-on.

Will X be able to break through the tight security system of big companies with the help of his colleagues?
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