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World War II: Underground

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About the Game
You had no plans of being a soldier. In fact, the news about the war reached you in a prison cell. But when the opportunity to use your skills for the right cause presented itself you did not hesitate to join the partisans.

It’s not like you had a choice anyway…

World War 2: Underground is an immersive first-person stealth game with a heavy emphasis on a non-lethal approach. Remember: for every dead soldier the occupants killed dozens of civilians, sometimes even more.

Perform various missions such as:
  • infiltrating and sabotaging weapon factories
  • destroying train tracks
  • blowing up bridges
  • assasinations of key figures
  • stealing important documents
  • gathering intelligence
  • and more…

Gather information about enemy shifts, patrol routes and best escape routs. Hide important tools during the day and then use them at night. Carefully plan your missions before executing them – remember that your life is not the only thing at stake.

Carefully sneak past the guards and use various tools to distract them.
Disguise yourself as a civilian worker or even a German soldier and infiltrate the area from within.
In World War 2: Underground each mission will allow you to finish it in multiple different ways.
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