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World of Final Fantasy

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Embark on a magical journey with siblings Reynn and Lann as they explore the vast world of Grymoire to rediscover their past and save the future. In this unique and visually charming world, players can capture creatures, customize and evolve them to their liking, and organize them into adorable yet highly strategic stacks. Join unforgettable legends of the FINAL FANTASY universe in this epic adventure of heroes great and small. Key Features: A New Twist on Classic Battles: Master an all new battle system where players collect hundreds of unique creatures called Mirages and stack them on top of each other to fight foes. Combine your Mirages’ sizes and elements effectively to gain the advantage! Customize, Evolve & Saddle Up: Evolve your Mirages to teach them new abilities in battle, unlock mirajewels that grant your main characters incredible powers.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

If you like dad jokes, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and terrible grinding, this is the game for ya.

Review from Steam

Hands down the most adorable “gotta catch em all” game by SE!
World of final fantasy…oh yes! Another final fantasy series downed! a glance of the visual and was instantly sold. It was collecting dust in my library for some time but, finally got some free time to clear it. had a great time playing it. Now about the game:
The Pros
Adorable visual
Theater mode
Intervention quests add some cute side story of our heroes
Built in cheese mode. I’m serious lmao, it’s in the options tab.
True end credit - it’s just too adorable haha
Innocent² - It’s a catchy one trust me

I’m going to be honest here, the story was not the thing that kept me playing for hours in the game. while it’s not bad, it’s just bread and butter FF story with enough twists to keep you entertained. In my opinion, the good part starts around the final chapters where the twists and plot are revealed. Before that, it's mostly just happy-go-lucky siblings strutting their stuff. But I must say tho, not saying I didn’t see it coming, but the twist they put was a really nice touch to the game.
The art direction this time works really well, with the “gotta catch em all” theme. While some are really adorable like bablizz or fritt. Some have a kick-ass design like vampire and shivalry, and if you’re a fan of mecha, you’re going to love the 2 super bosses haha. Lot’s of references in them. The icing on the cake is that you can get previous FF titles MC as a special summon and they’re hella adorable as well.

The combat is pretty simple with it being turn-based and the stack system is a nice addition. It makes you consider mirage combinations and their unique skills. If you’re tired of the regular turn-based, you could change the combat style to an active style where the enemy will keep attacking even when you’re choosing skills/items. The choice is yours, me? since I’m quite slow, I always stick with the traditional turn-based style. As for the stack system I mentioned before. The system offers quite a lot of customization options to your playstyle. Go crazy! For me, I went with siphon, ultima, and extreme bomber (a specific mirage skill) for extra damage while I suck out SP for ultima haha.
The Cons
The first thing that I noticed when I played the game was that there were some problems with the audio. Sometimes during cutscene, the audio somewhat desync(?) making the scene fade out before the dialog finishes. However, it's not to the point of ruining the game experience. I just find it a bit annoying. Tried reinstalling and tweaking the setting but doesn’t change a thing.
Dead online experience, tried queuing for one because I was a bit curious about the PVP experience but I couldn’t find any match at all. That goes for online trading as well….so yeah feelsbadman.
As for replayability….sadly since you can only have one save for the game and PVP is pretty much dead, there is very little replayability value….unless you don’t mind erasing your whole progress tho. If you simply want to rewatch the scenes, you can do that in theater yeah very little replayability.
So did I enjoy playing the game? heck yea, tried making the ultimate build(?) and somehow manage to cheese the super boss. I like the art style of the game and with the customization option, I can make even my favorite but not-so-good mirage into something lethal. Not to mention the combat song can be changed to your liking in the option. I went with “blinded by light” of course. If you’re tired of the usual FF game then give this catch em all version a try. It’s really fun.
Ps. You don’t need the DLC to get 100% completion.

Review from Steam

-Serviceable story - Not amazing, but good enough to hook me with a few twists here and there.
-Tama - I love Tama, an adorable floating fox that serves as a guide through the story.
-Creature collector - The main focus of the game is collecting mirages and using them for fighting and exploring. I love the designs and I enjoy the method of catching them. Here they have a weakness when exploited that allows an opening for catching them, and many allow that weakness to be exploited multiple times to increase your chances for catching them.
-Creatures forms - Many of the mirages have alternate forms that you can switch between at save points and as they level up they can unlock these forms. If you catch a duplicate mirage they will have access to other forms already unlocked.
-Final Fantasy references - I have only played a few games from the series, but there are many references to other Final Fantasy games from the mirages, places, and npcs. For example summons in this game are other Final Fantasy characters.
-Exp split - You can carry a total of 10 mirages (12 with dlc) and after a battle exp is shared among all of them allowing you to carry weaker mirages to let them catch up.
-Honking censorship - Occasionally one of the main characters wants to curse, but instead says “honking” which is a bit annoying and doesn’t help the tone of the situation.
-Lilikin appearance - I don’t mind this appearance, but most npcs have this chibi appearance that is not good at emoting. There are several scenes that have a dark tone, but this appearance destroys the tone and they can’t look intimidating either.
-Intervention quests - This style also greatly hinders tone in these quests where some of these side quests are cringe, I had a hard time watching some of these.
-Capturing creatures - While I enjoy capturing mirages, all mirages you capture arrive in your possession at level 1 which is annoying as you may like them but they may hold you back until they catch up in levels.
-Minigames - Why? Why would these be included? There are several minigames that aren't very fun and one mirage is locked behind doing very well in one of them.
-Story mirage forms - While I enjoyed unlocking other forms for my mirages and exploring the possibilities, lots of mirage forms are locked behind mementos in the story, locking the form until you progress enough.
-Some audio issues - Occasionally the very end of a character's voice line is abruptly cut off.
A fun monster catcher with a Final Fantasy theme.

Review from Steam

If a game can make an old ぱさ(Japanese for old lady) laugh like a 7 year old girl (whom is usually curious about everything a world has to offer), then it is a successful game already which World of Final Fantasy just did to me.
SE always has a heart to make Pokémon games, there we are, after FF XIII-2, here we adventure again! The game has reintroduced all the classics famous FF elements to players and translated to its own unique ‘game language’ in the world of Grymoire. As someone who’s been familiar with the franchise and being a long time fan of FF universe, I still found the game managed to surprise me once more.
Story: Not gonna spoil you anything, but, if you’ve played at least one hitting title from the past FF series, excludes FF XV and XIV online, you will see your favorite ‘reference’ coming( probably), don’t ever drink while playing this game, you will spit your drinks to your display in no time.
Game mechanic: It’s a turn based JRPG, you catch variety of FF-mons, stack them up( yourself included), and battle. Though it’s a decent strategy game with tons of tactics to apply, if you found the game’s too easy for you, you can switch to RTATB mode( real time action tactical battle mode) for serious death matches. However, I gotta warn you, the game isn’t always so easy though it looks so cute for the most of the time. Just like FF XIII, it’s a mechanic that it’s easy to learn, hard to master’. But, it is only assuming you are interested in 100% the game like I am trying to do. If you only want the story, no problem, they aren’t giving you an Einstein’s math puzzle to solve, you needn’t worry ;)
BGMs: Man, composer- 滨涡正志 from FF XIII trilogy?! I am playing the soundtrack on my phone even I am not playing the game, I don’t know what your situation’s like?
Extra note: just like all Pokémon games, you will be spending a long time on this game, so many cute creatures to feed, grind, grow-ups, and discover unbelievable possibilities within them. You job is pretty piled-up, I’d say.
Anyways, it’s suited for players who are looking for a long run in one single game.
In sum, time doesn’t really flow around WoFF, despite being almost a 6-year old game already, WoFF is like a magical fruit who doesn’t age at all, along with its cutest characters staying in Grymoire whom are waiting to be discovered one day.
I highly advise you to venture on your own to find out what lies ahead.
9/10 - Gracefully walking into my palace of most brilliant games in the world with calmness
P.S I sense the incoming FF VII CCR will be a guaranteed quality game as well, since it’s another creation of the very same development studio behind this game. Though not from SE’s own headquarters, TOSE CO., LTD does find their own path to shin in succeeding Final Fantasy’s evergreen life.

Review from Steam

get the game on console

Review from Steam

I like the Final Fantasy series, so this game fits into my wheel house. The content is age appropriate, so am able to enjoy it with the children. The ability to collect miniature creatures from the Final Fantasy world is exciting. Here are some tips for new players:
1. Have a mirage learn lira and use lira ability to find out how you can capture that mirage
2. Try and capture any new mirage you come across (you don't know when you might need their help)
3. Your team should include mirages that can use all the support abilities (smash, flutter, sizzle, etc.).
4. Teach your mirages cure, so that you spend less money on potions (you are going to need the potions)
5. Always go back to dungeons to explorer areas you were not able to go to in your earlier visit. They have some excellent surprises.

Review from Steam

Bought it on sale, for a $10 this was surprisingly charming and fun. Would recommend as something to play through casually

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