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Wilderness Survival: The Conservationist

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Wilderness Survival: The Conservationist is a realistic game management simulation. Each property will have a starting population that you can monitor.

You will be able to buy more animals that have better genetics, and add them to your herd. This will allow better quality animals to breed and their young will take on the new genes to grow into something magnificent. You can build your dream trophy lodge and also mount the ones you feel are worthy to be on your walls.

Natural predators may try to wreck your hopes for sustaining a beautiful herd, also as your animals age they will die when they get old. Never fear, you may come across a dead one in your travels around the property and could still harvest and mount it. Lastly, don't forget to eat and drink. You will need to stay alive to watch and see your herd grow. For fans of simulation games, we are bringing you something new here. Try to maintain a prosperous balance of animals, while surviving and protecting them from predators. You may want to bring a friend or two along because things might get ugly, but you always have the choice of seeing how well you can do on your own.
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