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Who is the Liar?

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In Who is the Liar you follow the trajectory of Detective Wadson being hired to solve 3 cases during the traditional parties of the Madmily family. Ensure your title as the best and only detective in town!

Stay tuned! One of the mansion's residents will always lie in his testimony. You must organize the stories and reveal the liar.

Solve the cases, have fun in the party-themed minigames and enjoy the original soundtracks.


  • Take the testimonies of the residents.
  • Find a clue around the mansion.
  • Use your detective nose to deduce who is lying.
  • Solve the case for the parties to happen.
  • Beat the residents of Madmily Mansion in their fun party minigames.


  • Can you find out which classic movies were the inspiration for this game? Write in the comments!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

This game has a lot more personality than many great BOG games we see out there!
Art and soundtrack are lovely!!
I'm really excited to see the final version! =)

Review from Steam

It reminded me of a boardgame I love: Mansion of Madness (but with a funny theme and without the dark atmosphere)! I really liked the look and the music of the game! Recommended

Review from Steam

This is an amazing detective game, you are called by someone, you listen to what happened and then you have to find who's the one telling lies, it's a great game that gets you engaged to the case, buiding up a mental map to understand what really happened, it's an early access game, so I believe there'll be more cases in the future.
It's a really good game for this price, go buy it now!

Review from Steam

The game is very well produced, the art is very nice, with a great touch of humor in the plot. It reminds me of a detective board game. Very good for having fun and spending time. Recommended!

Review from Steam

A fun game, very well produced. The visuals are incredible, combining cartoon 2D and stunning 3D. A humorous narrative, it reminds me of the movie Knives Out with its crazy eccentric family. Looking forward to play the next stories in the final version.

Review from Steam

I love the Detective board game and "Who is the Liar?" came to make me relive this feeling to play an excellent detective game, but now, with a unique touch of humor! I recommend the purchase!

Review from Steam

A simple game about mysteries and investigation with a good dose of humor. If you like CLUE you will love it. Waiting for new cases to solve !!! I recommend!

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