Where’s Baby

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Where’s Baby is an asymmetrical multiplayer game pitting a baby sitter against WHAT IS THAT. WHY IS THAT KID SO FURRY! ARE THEY A WEREWOLF? DO THE PARENTS EVEN KNOW ABOUT THIS? SHOULDN’T THEY HAVE MENTIONED THIS? IT BROKE THE TABLE! IT JUST TOUCHED A TABLE AND IT EXPLODED AND MAN OH MAN… this is so coming out of my paycheck.

Play as a baby critter, wrecking everything in the house and having a blast! Power ups along the way will help amplify your natural toddler abilities, including diaper bombs and a foot-powered pink plastic car (beep beep)! OR play as the baby sitter, and try to keep things together until the parents get home and the round ends! If you are lucky, you’ll be able to find a blanket, put that little guy to bed, and have a little peace!

Battle AI! Battle your friends and worst enemies split screen! At the end of the night, only one thing will matter- is someone going to pick up this mess?

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