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Where is my mom

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Where is my mom [/]

The game tells a story about the fate of a girl who was stolen.
Waking up in the house, she does not understand how she ended up there.
All she wants now is to escape from captivity and find her family.
A side-scrolling game.
The chapters are divided into stories that differ in gameplay and mechanics.

Stealth [/]

The game has a stealth mechanic.
When exploring locations, we will have to hide from the maniac, distract him
various objects and force to open closed doors
to explore and find the right tools.

Puzzle [/]

The main mechanics of the game are puzzles.
Their difference between themselves directly depends on the chapter of the passage.
We have to solve difficult tasks for which,
it usually takes quick wits.

Horror [/]

There are also elements of horror in the game.
A frightening environment that instills a sense of anxiety and fear
tense atmosphere of agonizing expectation that a maniac will find us.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I was enjoying it but it's not long enough for the price, seems like a demo to me. kinda has a Limbo feel to it. graphics are good. I'd wait until there's more content. but I'm giving it a thumbs up because I think it will be a good game when it's finished. if you want to see it I did a walkthrough

Review from Steam

The good: I got it for 1.39 on the Halloween Steam sale. Trying to get out of the house is a little fun because it is a cat/mouse game where you'll be going back and forth between rooms finding the items you need to escape the house.
The bad: Unfortunately, this is where I won't recommend it for most - "The chapters are divided into stories that differ in gameplay and mechanics." Once you leave the house you will walk for a little while where you enter a small house (first picture you see on the Steam page) and that is where you are given a "Continuation later" page because this is not a complete game even though it is not in early access. You may never actually find your mom......ever. :(

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