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In WEscape, a group of up to four friends put their minds together to solve puzzles and escape dungeons. Test your communication and reasoning skills while having fun with your friends. It’s the essential experience of an escape room without the expense or hassle of actually going to one.

Challenging and Diverse Puzzles: WEscape contains a varied assortment of unique puzzles which will require logic, knowledge, teamwork, and a bit of creativity to solve.

Online Multiplayer: WEscape makes it easy to join your friends and tackle fun challenges together without leaving the comfort of your home.

Single Player: If your friends aren’t online, WEscape also features single player experiences.

Casual Atmosphere: WEscape is for people who enjoy puzzles. Unlike some escape room games, there is nothing scary or stressful in this game; we just want you to have fun with your friends.

If you enjoy going to escape rooms with your friends or just solving puzzles in general, WEscape is a fun and convenient experience built just for you.

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