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In WEscape, a group of up to four friends put their minds together to solve puzzles and escape dungeons. Test your communication and reasoning skills while having fun with your friends. It’s the essential experience of an escape room without the expense or hassle of actually going to one.

Challenging and Diverse Puzzles: WEscape contains a varied assortment of unique puzzles which will require logic, knowledge, teamwork, and a bit of creativity to solve.

Online Multiplayer: WEscape makes it easy to join your friends and tackle fun challenges together without leaving the comfort of your home.

Single Player: If your friends aren’t online, WEscape also features single player experiences.

Casual Atmosphere: WEscape is for people who enjoy puzzles. Unlike some escape room games, there is nothing scary or stressful in this game; we just want you to have fun with your friends.

If you enjoy going to escape rooms with your friends or just solving puzzles in general, WEscape is a fun and convenient experience built just for you.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

WEscape is an escape the room game played in first person view and has single player and multiplayer modes. The game is still in Early Access on Steam, and at present has four different puzzles to explore and solve, One is purely single player called ''Iscape'', another one called ''The Royal We'' can be played in single player or with up to three other players and two other multiplayer only levels, one called ''For Whom the Bell Tolls'' that requires four players to work cooperatively and the other called ''From Me Two You'' that requires two players to work cooperatively to escape. You can set up your own server or join someone else's, however, of the several times I checked to see if there were any servers online; none appeared. If you do have friends who have this game, then it may be wise to arrange specific times so that you can create a server when you all agree to play. You can set the server to private or allow the community to join. Like many games that allow server creation, many never take off due to the low numbers who play the game at any one time; however, If you have a wide circle of friends, one way to let them know you are playing is to create a Steam group specific to the game; then invite everyone in your friends list to join and post a short review with a link to the groups page, so that others who have purchased the game may see and join the group, making it more likely to get someone to play the multiplayer levels. Once a group has been set up you can then set messages to automatically inform everyone who is online that has the game and are members of the group that a server is about to start. Hopefully, you'll then be able to experience the multiplayer and co-op modes of this game.
I thoroughly enjoyed playing the level The Royal We in single player and would recommend it to anyone who likes puzzles. I don't particularly play many puzzles, but the first-person perspective and the hands-on approach to solving the puzzles by physically having to move various items around was an interesting way of doing these puzzles. I must admit to having never played a puzzle game quite like it before and was surprised at how much I got into it. A VR version of this game would be a great addition to the game. I wouldn't release a separate version just for VR as that smacks of milking the cow, instead, I would add it as an extra mode for those who own VR headsets.
Some puzzles cannot be solved just by entering the room and completing the puzzle. You need to have retrieved certain objects from other rooms before you can complete that stage. I have only played one of the puzzles the whole way through. To escape the room that the puzzle was situated in you needed to discover what the numbers on the keypad next to the Exit door were. To do this you had to enter several different rooms and retrieve the number by solving the puzzle in the room. Once solved the number plate was released and you had to place it in a letterbox like hole next to the keypad. Whichever number it was would then appear in the correct place on the key pad. Numbers are not in the usual places you'd expect them to be; instead, they are jumbled up. Once you've solved all the puzzles you can then input the number that is given at the top of the keypad to open the exit door and escape. You can complete the puzzle without completing all the puzzles. If you are stuck on any one if only one number is missing, it will be obvious which key to press even without the number. you may even scrape through with two unfinished puzzles, however, the more that are missing, the harder it becomes to guess where the correct keys are located. I didn't have to do this, but I think you may find there are penalties if you try and get it wrong. One of the puzzle rooms involved finding the images that were different. I found the first images easily, which then opened a door to a second room with a series of what looked like identical images. I found it difficult to find any differences, so started to guess, each wrong guess turned all the images to black and each time I got it wrong, it took longer and longer for the images to reappear. I think the same may occur if you try to guess the number pad as well, but as I've not tried it I can't say for certain yet. I will experiment another day and update this when I have time and confirm whether that is the case.
When I first checked out WEscape on Steam, I thought the graphics looked rather drab and dated and I didn’t think I’d like the game, however the three user reviews that have been posted since the game was released last month (17th August 18) so far were all thumbs up and no one said anything negative about the game and more importantly as I was given a key from the developer via one of the giveaway team (thanks Alexia and Xerologik Studios) I felt duty bound to give this a proper once over. Well, to my surprise I really enjoyed playing the game (despite a stinking headache from spending too much time staring at my monitor {almost 6 hours without a break} writing up Saturdays game review). The puzzles are challenging enough for most game enthusiasts, and despite the lack of any instructions or walkthroughs available online (I did check), I was able to solve the first room (The Royal We) without much trouble, though I was stumped for a short time on a couple of the puzzle rooms. I recommend this excellent puzzle game. The game is still under development and has been released on Steam as an early access game, so do not expect a fully completed game. The developers are updating the game regularly. You can read their updates HERE and the opinion of one Steam curator HERE. You can see also see my original review of this game including at least 20 in game images via the gamegiveawayoftheday HERE

Review from Steam

Great game to play with friends! Add more puzzles! A steal at £2 aswell! : D

Review from Steam

Pretty fun game with friends (if you have any). however theres a few minor bugs that can cause you to have to reset games. For example in one of the multiplayer maps the red blocks can glitch and completely dissapear. Some puzzles do not immedietly work (anything to do with lights can be a bit buggy). Pretty fun either way just need to make certain parts less buggy and more accessable.

Review from Steam

Great game with friends.. Would love some new levels.

Review from Steam

Cheap and fun game to play together (2-4 players). The 'single-run' I find tricky, and no help what-so-ever on the discussions..

Review from Steam

Not a long game, but considering the price it's absolutely worth it. The 4 players room kept me and my friends busy for nearly an hour and we enjoyed every minute of it! I'd love to play it more so i'm hoping for more rooms or maybe a workshop support for player made rooms!

Review from Steam

not bad

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