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Weapons Simulator

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A Realistic Simulation that brings to you the real challenges involved in shooting firearms (the opposite of most mainstream FPS) with High Technical Fidelity, Real Ballistics, and Highly-Detailed and Accurate 3D Models.

Weapons are operated manually, you can charge the Bolt to put ammo in the chamber or just to dump it, cock and uncock the hammer, inspect both sides of your weapon at any moment, use iron sights or scopes, change fire mode, and much more depending on the specific weapon.

Play freely on the SandBox Shooting Range or follow the Shooting Course and Challenges on 3 different scenarios (Indoor, Outdoor, and Desert for long-range with wind up to 500m).

To beat each challenge and progress through many different levels, you must wisely choose the appropriate weapon according to the effective range and needed firepower. You can find useful information on the Weapons Specifications menu to assist your choice.

The Simulation features:

* Each Gunshot sound corresponds to the Real Gun being fired (instead of generic sound effects).

* Many Weapons types to choose from (including revolvers, pistols, submachine guns, machineguns, bolt rifles, assault rifles, and sniper).

* Highly sensitivity Aiming method with Parallax effect on the sights and Hold Breath function for extra steadiness when needed.

* Internal Calculations include Randomizations and Variables like muzzle velocity, projectile mass, barrel length, weapon's mass and size, calculated recoil, operating mechanism and moreā€¦

* Calculations include effects like Bullet Drop, Bullet Travel, Energy Loss due to Drag, Spin Drift, Wind Drift, Oscillations, Bullet Dispersion, Bullet Ricochet, Stability and parameters Randomization with a Non-Deterministic behavior.

* Small delay when operating Open Bolt guns and Double Action revolvers that can affect accuracy when the shooter is unaware of its equipment.

* Customizable Controls.

* Configurable Video Settings allow both High Graphics Quality for high-end devices or Better Performance on low-end ones.

Some quick technical tips on Weapons Specifications:

* High-velocity bullets provide a flatter trajectory and are easier to hit Moving targets.

* Heavier Rifle bullets retain more energy and thus can pierce objects at a further distance, for instance, to explode the gas bottle or flip the dueling tree plate.

* Pistols are useful at closer ranges and pistol caliber submachine guns extent their effectiveness to about 100m due to longer barrels, but for consistent hits beyond 100m, you should pick more powerful caliber weapons.

* A well-trained shooter can easily hit targets at 300m using Assault Rifles with open sights without wind and static targets, but for more point precision shots or consistent hits beyond 300m and up to 500m it's desirable to choose a weapon equipped with a sniper scope for better acquisition.

* For Long-range and moving targets a good choice can also be using Machineguns with automatic fire, spreading bullets in the target area and correcting the aiming point by observing the bullet trajectory with tracers. This method can make you hit the targets but with a very low precision rate.

* Last tip: Avoid automatic fire, they are fun but not good for hitting anything! You should Aim your shots and know your weapon behavior before being successful in the challenges. This is a Realistic Simulation that brings you the Real Challenges you would face in becoming a real shooter, this is not an FPS game ;)

A Realistic Simulation Designed by Mechanical Engineer.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

A fun little game that will satisfy your inner gun nerd. Plinking in the sandbox with the realistic bullet trajectories is a surprising amount of fun, and while the guns aren't manually operated to the same level as something like Receiver 2, they're still highly accurate and generally very satisfying to use. The only mistake I've noticed so far is the stat sheets of some pump-action shotguns claim that they're gas-operated despite them being pure pump-actions with no gas system; otherwise the attention to detail has been stellar. For $6 ($5 on sale) I'd definitely recommend it as long as you aren't expecting Receiver 3; the game is a mobile port after all.

Review from Steam

Excellent simulator. The difficulty progression is fair and there is a lot of flexibility in choosing the levels and scores the player can earn. I really liked the variety of weapons, from toy guns to bazookas. It also has a wide range of levels and the right choice of weapon can influence the difficulty. Finally, I found an excellent game that serves as training for other shooting games. I recommend!

Review from Steam

My man can hold his breath forever.

Review from Steam

very good and very fun game i reccomend it to anyone
hope there are more updates in the future
maybe add mp7 or the ability to drive vechicles
very good game
8/10 for good gameplay but shitty graphics and small selection of guns

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