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Since the so called "Deep Space Crack" appeared within solar system in 22XX, human beings have been fighting with the "Deep Space Infections" for a century and a half. The situation eventually lead to the "Wardroid" project, a so called "monster project", with active imagination and inhuman experiment.

Please follow the step of Jona, the "No.0 Wardroid", to experience her and human's story.
  • Escape from the dangerous laboratory.
  • Join the Department against infections and extremist organizations, participate in different tasks.
  • Investigate some illegal activities in the local.
  • Combat with both infections and human using several kinds of guns and cold weapons.
  • With a little bit of exploring, some modules and plug-ins that provide capabilities could be unlocked, they will help.
  • In the end, the evil plans of extremist organizations will be exposed and stopped by our hero.
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