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Wacambria Island

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Mount on the back of a speedy chicken and don't forget your pie! Make your way through caverns, mountains and temples finding unique armor and treasure. Explore the Island of Wacambria and prepare the villagers to take back their Kingdom. Choose your favorite town, buy a home and fill it with your special findings!

Wacambria Island is family friendly, open world RPG with hidden treasures around every corner. Solve puzzles to unlock treasures deep within temples, castles and caves. Explore towns, villages and unique biomes. Engage in exciting quests to find equippables to better strengthen your character and your fellow villagers.

While in Wacambria make sure to:

- Befriend animals, tame and ride.

- Cook hearty meals

- Purchase a home and decorate it

- Explore booby trapped ruins

- Arm locals with weapons and armor

- Help locals with quests

- Test your riding skills at the chicken race course

- Explore the world!

About the Developer:

Hi my name is Moses Doyle! I'm a self taught developer in the process of developing my first, self-published game. I've always wanted to make games and I'm very excited for you to experience the adventurous world I've been creating! Wacambria Island is the first of many adventure games I plan to develop with my custom written game engine and all original assets. I hope you will come along with me for the journey as I'll be announcing updates until the release!
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