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Visage is a first-person psychological horror game. Explore a mysterious ever-changing house in a slow-paced, atmospheric world that combines both uncannily comforting and horrifyingly realistic environments, and enjoy a genuinely terrifying experience.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Played 6+ hrs straight with the help of a friend on Discord and completed the Dolores chapter. This game is insanely hard and, in my opinion, impossible without some sort of guide. If you're trying to go at it alone.... good luck with the never-ending feeling of constant dread and dying repeatedly. You are given very little, if no direction in what you are to be doing.
Visage is without a shroud of doubt, the scariest game I have ever played. Everything from the everchanging house and spooky environment, to the feeling of helplessness as you lose your sanity and are met with constant paranormal activity. This is a graphically beautiful game and incredibly well-detailed. The house and all of it's corridors feels like a maze, but it's one that you feel you truly want (and don't want) to get lost in. It's a sight to behold. The sounds in this game are absolutely amazing too. I have never felt so creeped out in my life.
The interface is extremely difficult to get used to and I am still always fighting and fumbling trying to pick up and drop objects, change objects from hand to hand, and just interact with the environment. I kind of hate it, but at the same time it truly adds another layer of dread to the game.
This game is a survival horror masterpiece. I am a grown man and have found myself screaming like a prepubescent girl at every ghoulish encounter, and am utterly terrified to step into any dark space. If you are at all a fan of this genre, you have to pick up this game. My only recommendation is you have someone to help walk you through it.

Review from Steam

I am 30y/o, not scared of ghost anymore, i think phasmophobia solo is pretty decent but not that scary. i finished pretty much every *popular* horror games (all the RE, silent hill, amnesia, Penumbra, soma and a tons of other Indie horror games...) but this game... it creep me the fuck up, i am not saying i was not scared in some of the game mentioned above but ive always manage to finish them, but Visage, i have around 8hrs of playtime and i bought the game like 2 years ago. Not because the game is bad...

The reason is im too fucking scared! i can't even finish this game! Hell! i cant even finish ONE episode! I think i know why, the graphics, the tension and the sounds, the sounds are on the fucking point, this is the definition of Nightmarish ASMR. the footstep, the cracking, the breathing... everything is fucking perfect, the story is creep as fuck... like, just watch the first 3 minutes of the game... you'll be like : what the fucking fuck is fucking going on! There is jumpscare (as every horror games existing since ever) but i feel like they're not overused, they dont rely on Jumpscare to build the tension, the tension is there all the time. It is actually the atmosphere that is making me stop playing!
It seems that a lot of people dislike the inventory system, i actually like it, i feel like they did this clusterfuck on purpose to really increase the feeling of oppresion, you dont have the space, changing items is complicated, you are gonna drop your lighter when you need it the most, etc etc... just like you would in real life if a murdering son of a bitch with claws doing weird sounds would try to kill you...
For me this game is a solid 10/10 in the survival horror category.
If i did not convince you yet, i bought the game on Xbox as well, i paid TWICE for this fucking game that ill never finish because i dont have enough underwear.
If still not convince, if you look at my first achievement of the game i tried to leave trough the front door, THE FUCKING FRONT DOOR!!! MY FIRST REACTION WAS TO GTFO THE HOUSE FROM THE FRONT DOOR!!!

Review from Steam

I literally pooped my pants

Review from Steam

I'll start this review off with a funny story that should speak for itself. One evening, I decided to pay a friend of mine a spontaneous visit as I happened to be nearby. Said friend had been playing through the first chapter of this game earlier that day, resulting in him becoming rather paranoid for a while. So much so in fact, that when I rang his doorbell without having announced my sudden arrival beforehand, he didn't react at first, besides some rustling that indicated him being awake. After like the third attempt, he finally opened the door. Slowly. With a knife behind his back. He was literally expecting some murderer to stand in front of his door. So I think the game did a solid number on him.
That being said, Visage is probably my favorite horror game. It has an unsettling atmosphere unlike anything I have ever played. The creeppy visuals are some of the best and most enticing I've ever seen. Many parts feel like they give common horror tropes a pretty unique spin and none of the scares throughout the entire game feel cheap, which is quite refreshing. The psychological themes are handled fantastically, resulting in a great story as well. The further I got into each of the characters, the more I wanted to find out about them.
Regarding the actual gameplay, there's ups and downs. The main problem being the lack of indicators at some points. There's times where you have just about no idea at all what you are supposed to be doing. Some puzzles are a little absurd, while others are pretty fun. Having a guide open on the side just in case doesn't hurt. That aside, the mechanics are easy to get into and never caused me any problems due to glitches or any other bs. At no point did it feel like I died due to the game being iffy, it always felt deserved.
Furthermore, there are some genuinely funny easter eggs / secrets to lighten the mood every once in a while. Exploring every nook and cranny of the main area is also quite entertaining and for the vast majority of time, I felt engaged in whatever was going on.
Overall, I can 100% recommend this experience to anyone who isn't averse to horror!

Review from Steam

i shid my pant
edit: this game caused me physical pain and distress like no other. i purchased at full price and do not regret doing so, but i cannot finish it. every moment inside that house is pure anxiety and stress. cutscenes are the only respite from the hell that is having agency in this game. it will constantly push you to go to the last place and do the last thing you want to in any given situation. the fact that there is an extra button in the menu to actually pause the game shows that it knows what the player wants, and constantly takes advantage of that, denying you any sense of safety.
i love horror but the Dolores chapter damaged me enough to surrender and *holding back tears* watch xQc's playthrough on youtube.
the same may happen to you, you've been warned. 10/10

Review from Steam

peed my pant

Review from Steam

You can dual wield pills.

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