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1992. George H. W. Bush and Boris Yeltsin officially put an end to the Cold War. Barcelona held the summer Olympic Games. The Tonight Show aired its last show with Johnny Carson… … and Lucas Fairfax disappeared from his bedroom in Kingdom, Virginia. Synopsis. Virginia is a single-player first-person thriller set in a small town with a secret.Experience a missing person investigation through the eyes of graduate FBI agent Anne Tarver. Together with your partner, seasoned investigator Maria Halperin, you’ll take a trip to idyllic Burgess County and the secluded town of Kingdom, Virginia, where a young boy has vanished and nobody seems to know why. Before long Anne will find herself negotiating competing interests, uncovering hidden agendas and testing the patience of a community unaccustomed to uninvited scrutiny.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

1. Do not expect it to make sense in any way beyond "I think it's trying to get at..." levels of coherence. An FBI procedural this is certainly not, despite its outward appearance and Steam store description
2. Play with headphones for sure, the sound design is incredible and is like half the appeal
3. Also the music. If this thing didn't have a straight up full orchestral score performed by a fancy orchestra over the whole thing I probably wouldn't be clicking the recommend button. It's integral.
4. I can't believe I'm saying this because I've never really been the type to advocate for this, but I would have ADORED to have experienced this for the first time in VR. This is RIPE for a VR adaptation. Too bad it's an obscure indie game that has faded from collective memory and therefore would never get such treatment
5. It is genuinely impressive how much story is told without any voice acting at all. These Unity built characters are distinct entities even though they remain entirely silent, and that's impressive.
6. Finally if you don't like walking simulators you won't like this blah blah blah stale arguments about not being a "real game" blah blah blah

Review from Steam

Wow! An unusual and wonderful game. No dialogue, only philharmonic music and gestures. The story line is mysterious and remains so. It has replay value to figure out the various nuances of the story. Great graphics that remind me of South of the Circle. I highly recommend the game.

Review from Steam

The "game" is definitely not for everyone and is more film than game. Virginia tells a 2-hour short story, which is apparently based on true events (an FBI case from 1992), without speaking or writing a single word. The visually appealing storytelling is beautifully accompanied by music from the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (which was a very welcome surprise, as I really like them). The story is a little unclear and even at the end of the game it's not entirely clear what was ultimately true and what was dreamed. The unsatisfying ending is my biggest critique concerning this game.
I found the editing particularly good, because the well-chosen cuts avoided the game becoming a long walking simulator. Another nice detail is the cute little map as title screen.
Gameplaywise, not much happens. You constantly look for the next point of interaction that will forward the game and click on it. The game subtly indicates with a bigger circle in which direction you have to walk.
The game is definitely a very special title. I have never experienced anything like it. Whether it's worth 10€ is something everyone has to decide for themselves. I would rather buy the game on sale.

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