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Valley is a First-Person adventure unlike any other. Hidden deep within a remote region of the Rocky Mountains, you find yourself bewildered within a secluded valley. With the power of a recently discovered L.E.A.F. suit (Leap Effortlessly though Air Functionality), run and jump your way through beautiful forests, dangerous ruins and vast environments all the while utilizing the power to control life and death to uncover the startling secrets of the mysterious valley.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I am a tranquil gamer. I don't like horror, my motor skills and survival instincts are not very well developed and I like good stories and beautiful views that I can enjoy at a pace that is set by me, not by the game.
Valley gives me all of this, plus a challenge now and again: a not too difficult puzzle, a not too challenging shoot out.
The game (and the music!) is beautiful, the story is interesting, the world is magic. And I didn't find it short. Just long enough for the story to be told, leaving enough gaps to be filled in by our own imagination.
So thanks for this secret marvel. Let's keep it to ourselves ;)

Review from Steam

⚖️ Grade = B-. Worth a buy, if you enjoy No Rest Challenge. However, if you're looking for Record Lore into Journal, it doesn't allow
✔️ High Speed Running + Super Jumps
✔️ Discover Secret Chamber
✔️ Audio log story telling
✔️ Save Trees
✔️ No Rest Challenge = No save until level complete
❌ Cutscene Story telling
❌ Able to interact many things
❌ Great Puzzle Challenge
❌ New pickups location item for replay value
❌ Time Attack for replay value


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📢 Disagree + Criticize ➜ Write here
2016: Game released, but didn't wish list this
2022: Purchase for a playtest when 90% discount
1 hour later: Pretty good
3 hours later: Felt missing something
7 hours later: Lack of replay value
* Game world timeline: Year 1941, Hidden Military Operation
* Shoot = Give Life = Create Light = Attack
* Absorb = Take Life = Collect Energy
* Energy = Life = Ammo = Power to double jumps
* Collect Acorns from defeated enemies
* Acorns = Powers to unlock door
* Viper Coil = Grapping Hook
* Community Rating: Very Positive
⚠️ Two type of enemy attack the same way ➜ True
⚠️ Absolutely ATROCIOUS save system ➜ Save only when a whole level is complete
⚠️ No innovative game mechanics ➜ Doesn't mean it is a bad game
💎 Allow to change player voices
💎 Cinematic Music
💎 Neutral Sprites
💎 Can jump very high
💎 No falling damage, but will die in the water
💎 Double jump upgrade-able
💎 Can give life to dead animal
💎 Absorb energy from plant, animals & machine
💎 Metal Wall running ability
💎 Ability to across water with time limit
+ Able to boost sprint speed by going down the slope
+ Optional sprint inversion control
+ Climax available
+ Hidden doors to secret chambers
+ Hidden energy upgrades
+ Breaking thru rocks
+ Got extra save slots for 2nd play thru
- Lack of things can do
- No journal to keep notes
- Must complete a level to save game, it require 10-20 min
- Checkpoint save will be deleted if player exit
- Too many dark area
- Cannot screenshot beautiful concept artwork at the ending
- Cannot landmark Secret Door location on the map
- Not telling us what else is undiscover
✔️ Genre Newbie = No experience on this genre
✔️ Veteran = Trained years for this genre
❌ Coop Gamer = Teamwork PvE / PvP
✔️ Casual Gamer = Quick completion with less struggle
💬 Story Gamer = Want Cutscene / Chatting Drama /Audio Log
✔️ Content Unlock Speed: Fast = Complete a Task / Slow = Redo same task again
❌ Difficulty Change-able for Real Challenge
❌ Difficulty Scale: More Upgrade = More Easy / Balanced = Upgrade + Downgrade
❌ Campaign Ally: Human / NPC companion / Cloned Bot
❌ Downloadable Opponent: Friend's PB / Self PB / Global Average PB
❌ Lobby Choices: Host Private / Public / Splitscreen Multiplayer
✔️ Gameplay List Menu: Available / Open World = Must travel a long distance to begin
Approximate File Size = 3.98 GB
Average Completion Hours = 4h - 11h
Check concurrent number of player =
Check price history =
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Review from Steam

I really liked this game and it's flow, really love the movement system.
I didn't really care about the story but had a blast playing this.

Review from Steam

A nice compact game about a Hidden Valley that was being used during WW2 to conduct experiments and other activities i won't spoil. part of those experiments is the suit you wear throughout the game, essentially letting you run jump and traverse the Valley in otherwise impossible routes without the aid of the L.E.A.F suit.
Valley is quite a short game with my 9 hours being 100% completion, but for the price on a sale this is a very good pickup. The environments are a joy to look at and traverse through gaining new abilities as you go. The game is fairly basic in its mechanics, you'll never really have a lot of trouble but that's ok. I enjoy short focused experiences so play through it and soak in the views as you whiz past trees and lakes in your suit while uncovering the mysteries of the Valley.

Review from Steam

In 2022, Valley is a great game. I never finished my original playthrough, and revisiting it so many years later is was a treat. Despite the old graphics, it is still visually impressive, big setpieces and smooth animations, and some of the most fun gameplay ever. Speeding through a tram tunnel, leaping off of hills, and strafing away from enemies is one of the most fun I've ever had gaming. The story is really unique, as your character pieces the past together, and the detail and lore of the valley is so beautiful. Valley held me up by my collar and made me have fun, and it is truly one of the greats.

Review from Steam

good unity game for cheap price, it has different valley inside.

Review from Steam

What a uniquely beautiful story-line! Also, one of the best movement mechanics I have experienced in an open world exploration game. If there is anywhere you wanna trek to, everything is pretty much climbable. Had loads of fun using the movement mechanics to explore everything.

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