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V.A Proxy

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As time passes, the world continued to devolve into a further state of decay, as the corruption sept to every corner many machines lost hope, their gods forsaken them and they succmbed to corruption.

S-units, very powerful, very unstable type of machines finally got awakened, however with no memory nor purpose they made it their goal to "remember" and seek the buried truth of this dilapidated world.

Key Features:

  • Fast paced combat: fight hoards of enemies at a breakneck speed, S-Units are a defected fighting mechs which are extremly fragile yet cause massive damage with their speed and attack power.

  • Mix of melee and ranged combat: with the aid of your support mech V-Units, you have a wide variety of close range and long range attack options for any combat situation.

  • Seamless Hand Crafted Open-World: Take a moment off fighting and enjoy the beauty of the decaying world as corruption paint breath taking scenes that tell stories of a long gone era.

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