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Urban Lockdown

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Side scrolling beat em up action from the creator of Bad ass babes

When notorious crime lord Sanchez escapes from prison and controls all the inmates to over run the town the city is in chaos!

The citizens are in need of saving and its up to you!

Rick: an ex military soldier who must free his kidnapped sister Janet from Sanchez and his goons.

Sheriff: The local law enforcement is over run and its virtually up to you to restore law and order

Shane: an escaped criminal who doesn't want to follow Sanchez's orders. He disguises himself as a good guy to over throw Sanchez and take over the gang

Game features:

3 player local coop play

Digitized sprites (like the glory days of Mortal Kombat)

Old school side scrolling beat em up action!

randomised enemies and items ! (each playthrough will be slightly different!)

hard hitting combos and juggling enemies for simple yet intricate combat

various special moves available to master

various weapons to use against the enemy

Environmental objects to throw and use as makeshift weapons and traps

first person on rails shooting levels

Bonus modes to play upon completing story!

Dojo mode to learn about various moves and practice your skills
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

After playing Bad-ass babes, I was waiting for another game to scratch that beat-em-up itch. Then I found the game urban lockdown and the film it was based on, as well as the original version of the game. Not bad for an indie film with pretty much nothing for a budget, which I watched before playing the game which I also enjoyed. There are a couple of neat little things the dev implemented using the BOR engine which I didn't think possible, one of them being the gory zoom-in X-ray mortal kombat fatality-styled finishers that one other reviewer mentioned. Has a surprising amount of polish and playability I wouldn't have expected from the game just giving it a glance on it's own, and to be fair I went in with no expectations. That's all I have to say. Just a neat little (more well-polished version of the original) game based on a pretty good indie action film to boot.

Review from Steam

There needs to be more games like this.

Review from Steam

I just stumbled upon this little gem. Then I saw it was from the creators of Bad Ass Babes, Thatcher Productions.
I bought it instantly and got right into the game!! (Yeah. I'm a fan of BAD ASS BABES...get that game next!)
Let it bet known, that I'm a HUGE fan of the beat'em up genre. The likes of the Streets of Rage series and Final Fight reign supreme. Sadly, it seems to be a dying genre. But Thatcher n' crew say NOPE....they're bringing it back in yo' face!!!
It's openly known and credited that the open BOR (Beats of Rage) engine is used for this game. Most beat'em up fans have already played dozens of mods featuring nothing more than ripped sprites/backgrounds/music/EVERYTHING from other games.
It's pretty RARE to see a game with 100% original content. Not only that...these guys have mastered the BOR engine and made it their BITC....ummm their female dog! WooF!
Gameplay: Since it's using the BOR eninge.... you're probably going to need to change your vid settings (full screeen baby) and map the controls to your gamepad. This is an arcade beat'em up so get a game pad keyboards allowed, Poindexter!!! (keyboards will work fine) .
The gameplay is pretty solid! Good beat'em up action. These guys do the most creative things with the BOR engine, stuff I didn't know could be done! There's the zoomed in x-ray gore kills, environment kills, plenty of stuff to destroy or pick up and kill people with, and weapons!!!! OHHHH THE WEAPONS.... so many... AXES, KNIVES, SHOTGUNS, PISTOLS, MACHINE GUNS, MALTOVS...oh my.
I've played the game through, but I doudt I've seen all the gore n' death animations this game has! It's ALOT!! (Like enemies melting from a toxic spill or getting fried from a destroyed power generator... good stuff!!!)
Good, solid action!!!
Oh...and I don't want to spoil anything, but there is a variety of gameplay... and even some meta game play???? Ooooo? Meta game??? A game within' a game??????? You just have to see!
Gamplay score: 7/10
Music: Rockin' music that fits the action... that's about it. Not gonna put it on my playlist, but it fits the game. Pretty rockin' n' metal at times.
Music score: 7/10
Sound Effects: Pretty solid. Just thought the sound effect for when a hit connects with an enemy could use a little more "oomph" instead of "fop". You know when you're punching the shiz out of your enemies, ya just wanna hear more impact, rather than "fip fip fiP". I know... very minor stuff.
Sound Effects Score: 5/10
Graphics: Considering the engine their working with... pretty darn good. All digitized and mostly smooth animations. There are some sequences that could use a few more frames, but it's not going to ruin any fun of the game. Graphics = GOOD!
Graphics Score: 8/10
OVERALL: Just keep in mind, this in an indie game and not one from a "AAA" money-grubbing publisher.
It's good fun! However, if you're expecting a "typical" BOR mod, you'll be suprised!!!! These guys work voodoo magic with BOR.... make it do things it's not even made to do!!!! (yeah... kinda scary!!)
The price is modest and I had a great time!
Overall score: 7/10
FINAL VERDICT: A must have for any beat'em up genre fan. A big thanks to Andrew Thatcher & Crew for keeping the genre alive. You know you have my support!

Review from Steam

Pretty good brawler, has tons of variety with characters, weapons and environmental attacks which helps it from being repetitive like many brawlers. The only thing is it lacks a babe character to choose from

Review from Steam

Bad Ass Blokes!
This is essentially a much more polished version of Bad Ass Babes based on a feature film by the same name. It plays well, looks good and has quite a bit of silly humour to it, as we've come to expect with Thatcher Productions. Well worth looking into if you're a fan of Bad Ass Babes or just Street Fighter-esque games in general.
I'd appreciate the inclusion of achievements and trading cards, I also think it would be cool to see their movies on Steam too, even if they're just included with the game. I'd happily buy them though, I'm quite the fan to be honest. Aside from that though, I have no complaints for this game, top notch stuff again Andrew. Looking forward to the next one.
Also, you should play Bad Ass Babes, I'm in the game in case you didn't know.

Review from Steam

You like sidescroll beat 'em ups? You like the oldschool style of the 90's video game halls? This is your game! You can select different characters, each with their own style, to fight the criminals. You can use also various pickups like guns, knives and stuff. This game uses sprites of real actors - just like old Mortal Kombat. The story of the game is based on an indie movie with the same name.
+ fun story
+ pickups
+ selection of different characters
+ oldschool style
+ easy to use controls
+ local multiplayer
+ real actor sprites
- due to the engine-restrictions no achievements
- shooter-levels are sometimes a bit tricky when playing alone

Review from Steam

Urban Lockdown is a very solid old-school beat-em up with digitized (NICE!) graphics (I for one am VERY GLAD to see that back today from some developers!).
It's a nice example of a quality indie game that's worth its asking price.
The game is solid - I did not notice any bug or issues - the graphics, gameplay, production value and presentation are all very good and charmingly old-school. Nice story, style, writing and a good sense of personality. It is a love letter to vintage late 80s/early to mid 90s arcade games. This will take you back to the 90s when everything (well... most things) seemed better than today.
Put Double Dragons, Final Fight, Burning Fight, Mutation Nation, Streets Of Rage in a blender along with Mortal Kombat 1-2-3, Pit Fighter, Revolution X, Lethal Enforcers, Maximum Force etc.. and you get "Urban Lockdown" in style and substance. It's got a very nice mix of beat-up action along with firearms and then you have the pure shooting levels that play like Area 51, Lethal Enforcers, Revolution X, Maximum Force etc...

Definitely worth it for fans of classic arcade games! I will also buy "Bad Ass Babes" from the same developers, Thatcher Productions, as it seems quite good as well.
With reto chic being everywhere these days - be it music, movies or video games - this game is a keeper. As I said above, fans of old-school arcade games will be very pleased.

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