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Update Log

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About the GameUnnamedGame RPG is a semi idle-batller RNG-hell RPG game, that has been released early access so players can begin climbing the online leaderboard!

This game features different areas, enemies, and equipment, for the player to find the best way to efficiently gain experience and climb the leaderboard. There is currently a Discord where the players and developer (myself) interact to talk about balancing, updates to prioritize, and ways to keep the game and leaderboard interesting.

In this game, each piece of gear you get is essential. The enemies each drop a different piece of gear, the more difficult the enemy, the better the drop. The faster you get the gear, the sooner you will be able to start working your way up the leaderboard

Enjoy the:
  • character customization
  • rare loot
  • shops
  • constant "roll Of the Dice"
  • good Luck
  • bad Luck
  • owning
  • getting owned
  • collecting

and Much More to Come!

The game is in super early access at the moment, but since it is being made just for fun and leaderboard battles, I decided to open it up and let the clicking begin

[The game will be expanding as time goes on, more areas, more enemies, and more content]
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

This is the perfect game to run in the background. Play at your own pace and steadily progress through the monsters and zones gaining new armor and weapons along the way.

Review from Steam

5 reasons why YOU should try this game
1. Very fun and interactive battles.
2. Amazing graphics.
3. Turdle.
4. Not grindy at all, just instant progression and high dopamine levels.
5. You get to prove some random nobody that you could actually reach lvl5.

Review from Steam

this game is so Early Access, it has nothing to play. Unless you really want to kill time and stare at your monitor, with it also doing nothing.
Hats off to the people who managed to play to lvl.6, I dont understand how or why you managed to reach that amount of EXP.

Review from Steam

is good

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