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Real-time Roguelite Dungeon Crawling at its Very Best! Unexplored is the roguelite that feels like a roguelike. An accessible yet challenging action rpg, praised for its fantastic level generator, real-time combat and a surprising amount of content and depth. Plus: free dlc which adds even more variety! Explore dangerous dungeons, solve mysterious puzzles and engage hundreds of foes, big and small, in intense melee combat. Easy to Play, Easy to Die Fantastic Generated Dungeons (using brand new tech) Real Emergent Gameplay with many Tactical Options Intense, Real-time, Dual Wielding Melee Combat Stealth Mechanics (dungeon crawling like a real rogue…) Over 50 dangerous bosses Challenging, generated puzzles Adaptive, original soundtrack the Words Of A Player: What Do You Feel Makes the Game Stand Out? Misery, one of Unexplored’s Early Access players, thought our description didn’t do the game justice. So, we asked: “What do you feel makes the game stand out?”
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

If you have less than 10 hours in this I find it hard to believe you actually engaged with the game on its level. This a hard roguelike with a lot going for it - the generation is well put together and levels typically flow nicely. There are enough unique artifacts/enemies/bosses/rooms that I'm still finding new stuff with 2-3 dozen runs under my belt. There may be a few mechanics you are unaware of at first which you *need* to know about in order to progress, but you also have the option if you are genuinely stuck at praying near a door for it to open. The game has a pause system that you *should* be using when things hit the fan (this is very similar to people complaining about unfairness in FTL when there is almost always a way out of a problem). Everything is a puzzle- how do I fight this enemy, what are they weak to, *should* I fight this enemy? In terms of game knowledge to be successful, there is a lot you will need to pick up and some things you might not learn in 100-300 hours of playtime- the way I enjoyed and would tepidly recommend is go in blind, get a dozen or so good runs under your belt, and look up some things if you feel like you are grinding your wheels or a winning run would be dashed because you didn't know something ( I did this when I didn't want to lose a run not knowing the 50+ ways you can enchant gear for wildly different results, for example). Like most roguelikes, there are some levels that are just nasty or scenarios that are rather unfair (entering a new floor and immediately getting pelted with a potion, for example). Every death I've had however has been a learning experience in realizing choices I could have made to survive, damage is *usually* fairly low and you can almost always back out of engagements or reassess your approach.
The progression system is also fun, achievements are tied directly into more supplies and unlocking characters and I look forward to playing more on hard to permanently improve their loadouts. The most major criticism I have for this game is you are incentivized to backtrack A LOT to get the most out of the floors, and if you have a low tolerance for this it's a good reason to avoid the game. It's the sort of game I enjoy playing with some other media to watch on the boring bits.
Looking forward to my next 40 finally getting a win on hard :P

Review from Steam

A great game! It is a real-time game, but it plays very much like a traditional roguelike, in the style of Brogue. The way it procedurally generates its quests (graph grammar-based system) is also quite amazing. Definitely worth to play!
Since there is a box "check if received for free", full disclosure: I have received Unexplored from the dev (by means of a key exchange) -- IMO that does not count as "for free" but someone may think otherwise.

Review from Steam

It has become one of my favorite game in since the pandemic begone. Simply because of the autogenerated floors, ecnounters as well as the engaging combat.That added to the secrets and the way you learn something knew about each run (or how you unlock things) simply keeps me coming back to htis classic (at leats a classic in my eyes). Even tought i bought it recently I've played it before and i never was able to finish it, that may be another reason why it believe it to be sooo good

Review from Steam

I have played pc games for over 25 years now. And RPG was always my most favourite genre. I have played anything from hack and slash to tactical turn based, single player to MMO, text based to 3d graphics.... But this game just stands out a lot from everything else! It instantly got to my "one of the best RPGs ever played". It's just different in many ways from other games, but it is absolutely brilliant at it!
You will die a lot, but just start new game with new dungeon and it feels new, fresh and exciting again. It really doesn't feel like you have done it before and now need to repeat.
Environment is deadly and will probably kill you without even monster help.... But once you learn how to interact with it, you can even use it as your own weapon.
Combat is unique and brilliant. Dual wield ANYTHING with ANY class =). It's very quick and sharp. First tricky, but you gonna love it later =)
And the random generation is on very different level from most games! It's not like you have same walls, hazards and monsters every time just different layout. No no! Here everything is different every time! The game draws things from a big pool of possible options. SO even after 130 hours of gameplay I was encountering new items, mini bosses, etc...
It's trully mind blowing!
Please note, though. The game does have few bugs. But nothing major enough to stop me from enjoying it.

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