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The goal zones light up. The crowd roars. A perfectly engineered mech enters the arena under your control. Welcome to the sport of Superball.

Ultimechs lets players remotely pilot high-performance mechs that compete in the futuresport of Superball, working their way up the field with a teammate as they zoom, block, punch and score their way to victory in the world’s #1 Superball league.

Taking everything that makes sports great today and combining it with the inconceivable technology of tomorrow, Ultimechs represents the pinnacle of engineered athletic achievement.

Managing the direction and speed of a massive superball is no small undertaking — and that’s why we’ve equipped our mechs with the latest in state-of-the-art rocket fist technology.

Aim your fist, fire and control your punch in mid-air to line it up to find the superball sweet spot. Throw a heat-seeking haymaker to knock it out of your opponents’ reach, pass it to your teammate, or bash it into your target to score the winning goal.

Going the distance to become a Superball Champion takes more than grease, gas and gears — it takes a cooperative spirit as players communicate, strategize and react with their teammate as they partner up for 2v2 competition.

Don’t play well with others? Players that are looking to hog all the glory of a win (or keep the sting of a loss to themselves) can also experience Ultimechs in 1v1 play.

Become a Superball supporter today! Wishlist Ultimechs now and stay up-to-date on all of the information to come ahead of the game’s launch later this year.

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