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Ultimate Cosmic Nebula

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Ultimate Cosmic Nebula is an interactive 3D live wallpaper. You can control and interact with Nebula Effects with your mouse.


  • Support Workshop,One-Click download online themes

  • Support Custom Theme, many editing options.

  • Support interact with mouse.

  • Support Pause Mode - You can pause wallpaper when you need 100% power for your games.

  • Optimization - reduced equipment requirements. Low CPU usage.

  • Multi, wide, 4K screens support - You can choose one of the screens or extend the wallpaper to all screens. Works smooth at 4K.

  • Support Taskbar Aero Blur or fully transparent (for Win10) .

  • Support Windows 7/8/8.1/10


Q: Why can't I see the desktop icon?

A: 1. Make sure your Windows had enabled Aero

2. Adjust Windows System "System Properties>>Performance Options>>Visual Effects" to "Adjust for best appearance"

3. If you have Integrated graphics card,please set the UltimateFluid.exe run with the Integrated graphics card.

4. Please add UltimateCosmicNebula.exe and CoreHost.exe in App folder Path to your AntiVirus Software's Trust-White-List and Restart computer

Q: How to remove Steam Hook?

A: Right click the UltimateCosmicNebula tray icon and select the menu item "Preferences..." ,Uncheck the "Enable Steam Support", Restart UltimateCosmicNebula.

Q: Can I use UltimateCosmicNebula with WallpaperEngine at the same time?

A: NO. Live wallpaper software is exclusive. So if they are used at the same time, they will cover each other.

Q: How to Exit/Shutdown UltimateCosmicNebula?

A:1. You can exit UltimateCosmicNebula from tray icon menu "Exit" (Screen Bottom-Right corner,near by your WIFI icon).

2. if can not found the tray icon, please open the system TaskMgr to kill the processes "UltimateCosmicNebula.exe"
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