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Two Weeks Game

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Two Weeks Game is a story based simple action-adventure game taking place in social narrative horror environment.

The plot:

Underground hacker crew fights day and night to uncover conspiracies. Nikolay and his comrades heard that city is invaded by neko youkai mind-flayer. Muhosransk Valley is an experimental government zone where epic fail took place. To make people flee from overpopulated town the visual novel contest was used. Nikolay must find proofs of earth, fire, water and wind to stop visual novel contest from going to another stage.

Game includes:

  • 49 NPC characters

  • Muhosransk Valley that have multiple towns and dungeons

  • Evil neko youkai mind-flayer that uses Samozbor dimension to roam free through Valley

  • Fully voiced dialogues

  • Your faithful comrades you always can call and they rally up to help you find proofs
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