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Twig & Flipper

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.Twig & Flipper is a 2D platformer With the ability to Run or Fly.

The game follows the hero 'Twig', a crow who can take on a human form or a bird form and his

journey to find his best friend 'Flipper' a magical fox, who has been taken by Demons that have invaded Earth.

The game features:

  • - 20+ Levels with Boss battles and many enemies to keep you on your game.

  • - Destructible terrain, mine the ground to find gold and other materials to level up your characters abilities!

  • - Deadly weaponry. Shoot, blow and slash your way through the demon filled world.

  • - Seamlessly Transform from human form into a bird form!

  • - Blood and gore to leave a sweet taste in your mouth.

  • - Steam Achievements.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

fun game

Review from Steam

A furry game about saving your bird.
10/10 Would play again.

Review from Steam

Brilliant! Leka!

Review from Steam


Review from Steam

Twig & Flipper offers an interesting mixture of gameplay mechanics that keep things fresh from level to level! There's shooting, melee, mining for resources, tricky platforming - and even a mode that lets players transform into a bird to ensure they don't get trapped in a dangerous situation!
With character upgrading, forgiving death mechanics, and surprisingly familiar characters (wink), Twig & Flipper is a clever action game well worth checking out!

Review from Steam

I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys platform shooters as much as i do. The game builds pretty swiftly but you wont be left behind, just remember to use your upgrades!

Review from Steam

Best game for players looking for a challenge

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