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True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 2

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True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 2 is the sequel to one of the best rated horror escape games, acclaimed for its story and the atmosphere of horror mystery. Holly Stonehouse followed the clues from her old family house to finally arrive at the Dark Falls Asylum and again see that someone was there before her, waiting for her. However this time she is no longer a spectator and what follows her is no longer just a shadow - the danger is real as the Asylum comes alive at night. Collecting clues, going through notes and photographs, unlocking devious puzzles and constructing complex chains of adventure actions, help Holly escape the night and find the answers. Was her mother crazy or was there really another sister? Did her mother commit suicide? How could Dahlia “come back” after the fire and who or what is the terrifying thing that Holly saw at Heather's house and that kept following her ever since?
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

9 out of 10 Misfits will enjoy this game.
I am a huge fan of this game series and its genre in general. I started playing this series with my wife on other platforms and it just hit us as a great game we could play together. It is not advertised as a multiplayer game, but it is really easy to have your friend/family member sitting with you as you play to help you along with some of the puzzles and where you should go.
The creep factor is great for this game as well. It is not "overly" scary, but you will get a few hair raising moments as you are playing from the sounds and video's. The story of the game is great as well. It isn't one of those games that is thrown together to make a quick dollar, it actually has a great amount of thought put into it. The puzzles can be a decent challenge once you get into the game and always go along with the general idea of the story of the game.
The ability to choose your difficulty is a huge addition to the game. If you feel like you are a great puzzle solver and choose a more challenging difficulty you will definitely notice it. The puzzles are definitely more difficult and you will see it immediately. The games map is also a great part of the game. It is not a small area for you to explore and just leave. You have a huge map with options for traveling rather than the need to walk/run everywhere as that would take forever.
This game will always hold a spot in my heart, as will the series, and will be something I come back to each time a new part is released. Can't wait for the next installment of the game to be released! (it has been a long time between parts)

Review from Steam

This game is a masterpiece of horror and adventure. If you are an avid horror and/or adventure game fan, you should totally check this out. Definitely the best "hog" game I've played, although it can barely be called that, since it is actually much, much more of an adventure, point & click game (and, actually, there aren't any real hog scenes here, they are all puzzles). The story might be a bit cliched, and the actions of the protagonist may be a bit unreasonable (ok, the very last one is downright idiotic XD), but those end up being mere nitpicks in a game that wonderfully employs the chosen medium to tell the story it's trying to tell. I think if this had been a movie, it would have been one more, run-of-the-mill, barely more than a B-movie, kind of horror flick. But the story, presented in this way, and with all the puzzles to appeal to adventure gamers, it becomes much more than that. While the first one was definitely above average for hog games, this one is something else. From the very beginning I found myself enjoying it much, much more. And while it can feel a little too long at times, I enjoyed playing it every night, slowly uncovering every piece of the story. I'll definitely come back to it when right before the final entry in the trilogy comes out, which I can't wait to check out.
In short: great game, superior in almost every aspect to its already above average predecessor, you should totally go for it.

Review from Steam

I'll say yes but I honestly lost hope of seeing part 3 :) like ever. 5 years later and nothing happened so far.
game is good and all but kind of lost interest because of the huge gap between part 2 and the mysterious part 3...

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