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Tres-Bashers (like "trespassers") is a 2D monster-bashing adventure featuring a big interconnected map full of cryptids, secrets, and more! Find 40 different monster types, and whack 'em with your baseball bat!


  • 40 monster types, including jersey devils, mothmen, yetis, apparitions, cassowaries, and many more!

  • Moveset upgrades including a back flip, wall climb, and double jumps!

  • Collectible bestiary profiles for each monster (lore!)

  • 6 (or 7...) formidable, monstrous bosses!

  • a catchy 60+ song 2a03/NES chiptune soundtrack, written to fit the spooky atmosphere!

  • 10 backyard ninja weapons in the shops, including a slingshot, crowbar, meteor hammer, and nunchucks, if you don't prefer a bat!

  • Branching paths allowing for non-linear approaches in repeat playthroughs.

  • 18 achievements to tackle!


  • Tight, responsive (fully bindable) controls. (XInput & DirectInput support)

  • Vsync, fullscreen and window scale options.

  • HUD offset and fill-screen options (for CRT gaming enthusiasts)

  • Way too many save files!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

this game is metroidvania meets luigis mansion meets game boy color in the best way
would bash again

Review from Steam

One of the funnest games to pick and play in a pinch.
It's whimsical silly and has my visuals; cute animal people and eldrich abominations.
I love the fast pace and flow of this game.
I like this hack n slash run and gun mechanic and the freedom you have to explore.
easily one of the best games of its type I've played.

Review from Steam

I don't normally write reviews, but this game deserves more attention. Great little game that feels like a late-run GBC gem.

Review from Steam

Pure Metroidvania fun.
Loved the cryptid hunting theme. Not much of a story but it's ok.
Short and sweet. The combat is very engaging, bashing enemies is very satisfying. You have to find the enemies with your flashlight before being able to hit them. That mechanic alone adds some strategy that keeps combat fresh. On top of that there are many enemy types, weapons and movement options. You can also hit enemy projectiles with your bat and shoot them back at them.
The controls are tight, especially after getting some movement upgrades. The map is pretty big and interesting enough, the locations are varied.
I literally have no complaints.
Too bad there are not many walkthroughs/guides
Definitely an underrated/hidden gem.

Review from Steam

Who *doesn't* want to sprint around at 500 mph, doing backflips and using a baseball bat to plow through hordes of horrific cryptids? Tres-Bashers has oldschool videogame charm in spades and is just an all-around satisfying experience!
Just be forewarned that the controls can take a lot to get used to. This is a frantic action game where throwing out attacks requires commitment while *also* feeling like every direction you hit immediately sends you zooming across the map. Once you're finally on its wavelength, though, there's really nothing else like it.

Review from Steam

Presentation is stellar, love the designs of the cryptids & the shopkeepers are charming.
Controls feel jank as hell, but in a way that's obviously intentional and which ends up fitting perfectly in to the experience.
Soundtrack's great, lotta snippets of songs stuck in my head days after I finished playing.
Level design's fine, a few of the later zones could use a little more work in my opinion, but nothing such as to actually impact gameplay negatively.
Overall, a very enjoyable hidden gem of a game.

Review from Steam

Somehow, a 2D horror game similar to Luigi's Mansion offers a small, open world, a difficulty level that requires learning patterns like old NES games, fun art and enemies, and fun exploration. Really taken about how cool this game is. Might be a little too difficult for some.

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