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Trenga is a relaxing 3D puzzle game with a block placing mechanic to play solo or with friends in Multiplayer mode! Use your wits to help Kate Nemo and the sea creatures to solve tricky missions in a captivating underwater adventure.

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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

After doubting for a while, I finally bought this because the concept kept looking interesting.
The game has 3 modes.
In solo mode you have 46 levels.
The goal of each level is to clear all blocks by completing rows on the four sides.
Two specials are added: ice, which has to be cleared twice and bombs which have to be cleared on time or they explode leaving more space to fill up again.
Apart from just clearing the level, each level has its own 2 additional goals for example finishing the level without mirroring a block.
One of the goals - finish after being low on oxygen - is just weird. Or you get out of it, or you just wait a bit for the final block to drop. It has no point as it is.
The levels are not very hard. Only at the very last ones I ran out of oxygen a couple of times.
The buddy system is a fun touch. You can choose a character with a specific benefit to play a level with.
Survival mode is hard. When clearing lines, you get extra. Bombs come plenty and explode very fast. I think for the few times I tried, my record is 11k.
I haven't played that enough to figure out some good tactics to be able to enjoy it more because it ends quite fast now.
You can also do a combat with 3 other players. I didn't try that one. I just ran around searching for a controller to add a second player to get the rivalry achievement. I don't know why they made that one up. I was just playing on my own, the controller next to me. What's the point.
You cannot change the controls. I am glad I have my Tartarus keypad.
Q & R are used for rotating the tower
W and E are used to flip and rotate a block.
1, 2 and 3 (not numpad) are used to select the block you want to play (as someone mentioned, an old fashioned next block mode could be nice).
With space you drop the block.
At a certain point I turned off the voice volume because each and every combo you make is announced.
At the last levels, sometimes the score info covered some part of the tower so you could only see well if you moved up with your block which was annoying.
I was not overwhelmed by this game. Maybe because it wasn't as challenging as I thought it would be but nonetheless, it was a nice, new little thing and I would be lying if I said I didn't like it at all.
Maybe they should add a more relaxing endless mode to be able to get a bit more longlasting fun for your money.

Review from Steam

Quite enjoyable if you like Tetris but could maybe do with a few tweaks. You can turn the music and voices off which is always a welcome option.

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