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About the GameIn Treason, a group of mobsters finds a dead body. There are traitors amongst them…
To find out who the traitors are, the innocents have to search for clues and make the murderer(s) pay for what they’ve done!

When the game starts, a small number of players is randomly selected as Traitors, who have to kill all the Innocent players. The innocent players are in the majority, but they don’t know who is a traitor and who is not. The traitors have special abilities to use to their advantage, in order to succeed.

– The Innocents win by eliminating or by surviving the traitors.
– The Traitors win by murdering all the innocents.

There is 1 Detective in the group. They must investigate corpses found by innocent players to gather enough DNA to nose out who the traitors are.


Task: Find clues to snuff out traitors.
Medkit – Heal yourself

Task: Eliminate all innocents.
Medkit – Heal yourself
Revive – Revive a dead body that will turn into a Zombie Traitor
Radar – Reveal player locations for a short amount of time
Bomb – Plant a bomb on designated bomb sites

Task: Scan bodies to publicly confirm deaths.
Medkit – Heal yourself
DNA Scan – Scan a body to reveal the killer

Zombie Traitor:
Task: Help traitors to get rid of the innocents.
Radar – Reveal player locations for a short amount of time
Bomb – Plant a bomb on designated bomb sites

– Clue Processing Unit system:
Throughout the round, a Tombe will spawn. When a player finds this gravestone, clues will be spawned over the map and players will have to collect them. If they bring all of the clues to the CPU, the traitors will be revealed…
Watch out for traitors stealing clues and possible suspicious behavior that comes with it.

(Treason is a hobby project, heavily based on classic game mods. It’s here for free, for the casual player that craves a faster and spiced up TTT feel)

Recommended players: 8-16

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