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Transport Giant

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It is the year 1850. The world is experiencing its biggest upheaval. Witness the birth of mass production and mass transport. With a little capital and an innovative idea, you can build an empire, for factories are springing up everywhere you turn and the world hungers for every commodity conceivable. The time is ripe for a vast, powerful transport company. Old modes of transport can no longer cope with the flood of goods. Invest your meagre seed capital wisely in modern vehicles and gradually build an ever-growing enterprise. Replace aging steam engines with monorails and perhaps even maglevs to stay competitive. The world is yours for the taking!
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Every games suit get crash or hanged.

Review from Steam

I had the gold edition version before, the performance on the steam edition is better but the UI interface is nicer on the gold edition.
it's exactly the same as the original version. the improvement is in the resolution only

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