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Toy Gun Office Simulator

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Offices are boring. Take a break for the monotony and improve your toy gun skills in this VR-only game!

Toy Gun Office Simulator is the best way for you to train for those pesky, real life toy gun battles you may encounter in your workplace. Face hordes of co-workers, do a little target practice, survive waves of skeletons, and blast through an armada of enemy spaceships -- all within the comfort of your VR headset.

After playing this game you can add “toy gun sharpshooter” to your CV!Key Features:

  • A VR Experience designed for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

  • Amazing low-poly visuals

  • Beautiful atmospheric environments

  • Real time shooting fun
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Experienced on the Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers
So this is a collection of 4 mini-gun games that are similar to each other, but with enough differences that they do start to feel different, especially after getting a high enough score of 100 or higher. It's a 180 toy gun shooter and there is no locomotion. I don't think you can dodge bullets, but you can shoot them before they hit you ... if you're really quick.
Each mini-gun game will test your accuracy and reflexes. The main theme throughout all four mini-gun games is that you have to shoot at red objects (and some will shoot at you), you should also shoot green objects to get ammo (and some will shoot at you as well which I thought was odd), and not shoot yellow objects. I believe you can lose if you run out of ammo or if you take too much damage. Game gets more challenging the higher your score gets.
Most of the objects do run straight towards you, from 3 sides usually. The graphics are pretty bland. In fact, I'm not sure why it's called toy gun office simulator because the office backgrounds are just filler. There's no office gameplay whatsoever. It's just the environment and you can shoot through the office personnel, which really just get in the way sometimes of your line of sight.
The toy gun, unfortunately, feels like a toy gun. It often feels like you're shooting a wet noodle. But you get used to it. I got used to it after 5 minutes and then I was hitting almost every target. One of the most unusual things is the skeleton mini-gun game. They eventually, with a high enough score, start convulsing around the ground when you're trying to shoot them and I thought that was funny and adds some difficulty to shoot them accurately when they go on the ground. Their different body parts will be different colors as well. The toy gun is pretty accurate, but it did seem like on rare occassions I hit a target but it didn't get registered (this is maybe like 1 in every 100 shots and maybe my perspective was wrong as they were close calls so I can't say this is for sure but at least it seemed like it should have hit the target).
So this game is not for everyone. If you like a gun challenge in VR, you may want to pick up this game. Keep in mind, there are currently no global leaderboards, just your local high score. However, there's enough variety here that I can recommend it at a low price for those looking for this type of game.
Rate 5.5/10.

Review from Steam

Reviewed using HTC Vive Pro
🔫 Action VR shooter in amazing low-poly visuals 4 office atmospheric environment games with real time shooting fun 🔫

Review from Steam

pretty good

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