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Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial

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With features of roguelite,players of Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial fight their way up in the world of a giant tower with random modules. Different terrains are found in the towers, and there is exploration to do and challenges to overcome. Due to a contract between our heroine Erza and a demon, Erza is beamed back to the original start every time she dies. As time loops, Erza, becomes a strong fighter who can make her way to her target. In the world of Tower Hunter, countless warriors have already gone before you to challenge the unsolved secrets of the tower, but they failed. A mischievous god is lord of the tower. Cards appear after bosses are defeated. The empire grants different levels of licences to the warriors exploring the tower, according to the rarity of the cards they have collected. These licences bring with them status and power. Nobles have gone to the tower to compete for status and glory, but none have been as fortunate as our heroine Erza.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It's a fun platform game. It falls apart at the end with an underpowered character for a boss run.

Review from Steam

This is a fun, but extremely shallow game. Don't come here expecting a good story or a sensical progression of events or even aesthetics. It feels like a game project rather than a full game *but* it's a fun game project. The combat is satisfying (though the enviromental hazards can be pretty bullshit) and just moving around is fun. There's an unparalleled freedom of movement (once you buy those admittedly cheap upgrades) and there's lots of ways to engage enemies.
The game is lineal and you restart from 0 when you die but by upgrading your chips you can recover your strength very easily just by exploring.
Good if you just want a turn-off-your-brain experience or don't have the patience for an actual metroidvania.

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