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Towaga: Among Shadows

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In Towaga: Among Shadows you will learn to master the light in order to exorcise hordes of enraged creatures firmly set upon tearing you to shreds. Your skill and perseverance will be sorely tested while fighting on foot in the jungle or soaring through the skies above the peaks of the highest temples. Discover devastating spells, improve your abilities and unlock new gear granting you the power to fight Metnal the Voidmonger and his Legion of Darkness. Progress through more than 70 unique levels and explore the 4 different game modes while uncovering the mysterious past of the Az’Kalar through many story-driven unlockable artifacts. Explore an enchanted land with graphics and cinematics inspired by animated movies all the while enjoying an immersive soundtrack accompanying your every move in this mystical world where defeat is simply not an option. Compete with your friends, rise to the top of the leaderboard and show off your skills as you complete a vast range of challenging achievements that will test your prowess Will you be the one to vanquish the shadows and return peace to the island?
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Ok so I'm a bit biased doing this review as my boyfriend actually worked on the game ^^
But I promise, I'll try to be as objective as possible about it.
So, I actually enjoyed playing Towaga! I didn't thought I would that much at first because I'm not used to this kind of twin-stick arcady games... But the beautiful visuals and animations really hooked me, all those little creatures which are fun to shoot at and watch explode!
Basically what you do in the game is aiming your "beam" of light towards all the creatures from atop a pyramid before they get to you. You can also launch spells which consume your mana. Also you get to fly every now and then for a few rounds, shooting at your enemies in the sky while moving (which is a part I really enjoy).
Anyway, after a little while getting used to the gameplay, I started to appreciate the challenge. And now I mostly play the survival modes :)
* Beautiful visuals and animations
* Addictive gameplay
* Fly Mode !!!!
* You can upgrade and unlock lots of stuff
* You can learn about the world in the codex
* Kurro sense of humor ^^
* A bit repetitive
* The game gets a bit messy later on when you have hordes of monsters on screen.
* I find the game difficulty randomly unfair sometimes,
* Some spells are too much the same, I would have loved more crazy ones!
* It's nice to be able to change outfits, but it's just a color swap (visually)

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