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Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity

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Select Either of Two Playable Characters for Twice the Adventure Choose to play as the titular vampire, Remilia Scarlet, or her devoted maid, Sakuya Izayoi. Each offers a different gameplay style with unique mechanics: Remilia’s attacks hit hard, while Sakuya’s are more technical. Use Five Buttons to Carve Out Countless Swaths of Destruction The game’s controls are simple, fun, and endlessly customizable: you’ll learn a variety of skills as you level up, which you can assign to the game’s action buttons however you’d like. Build Hit Combos for Greater Success in Battle The more you’re able to hit enemies in rapid succession, the higher your attack power will be, and the more experience you’ll receive per kill. The effect will wear off over time, however, or when you’re struck by a foe – whichever comes first!
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Story and Plot
Went through this on bullet hell mode and did pretty much everything in it. The game is about some totally invisible monster who decided to land a strike on the Scarlet Devil Mansion which occurs after either Remilia or Sakuya leave to go find out what this creature is but with little luck, all they ended up finding when they returned was a partially collapsed ceiling and are on a mission to find out whom this thing is causing problems, also because Remilia is bored and wanted a challenge so got what she wished for
You can play as either Remilia or Sakuya in this game. Remilia's playstyle has alot of power behind it and lots of survivability. Her normal attacks are claw strikes. Having skill moves like firing off little gungnir spears, whirling a cloak of darkness, spiraling through enemies, or using sheer might to surpass all beings around her with a Scarlet Sign spell. and lets not forget her lesser ability to fly and dive which can be used for traveling around areas at absurd speeds. Remilia's only real downside is few abilities that are acquired at higher levels are merely upgrades from weaker variants
Sakuya's playstyle relies alot on speed, precision, and criticals. Sakuya dual wields knives so her basic attacks are multi quick slashes. Her abilities are a bit more diverse than Remilia surprisingly, Sakuya has dash slashes, can throw a barrage of knives in several directions in a cone shape, leap in the air with a backflip and launch a barrage from up above, can conjure whirling blades around her, make a single thrust attack act as if it were three, blood moon slash has a wide reach and costs little while also the most damage but is used to easily defeat even the toughest foe in seconds if even, where her specials are primarily a multi hit flurry of slashes which outperforms the other one rather easily. Sakuya appears to be a slightly stronger character than Remilia primarily due to access to alot of critical based items at the sacrifice of survivability.
Both characters do have their own uniqueness to them and not often do you get to play as Remilia as a main char so its interesting to see how the two play differently in some ways.
Level and Stages
As for the level designs, you mostly go stage by stage indicated by a colored in square on the map but once you've gone through all of them then all areas are accessible at any time. Around half of the stages are built a bit like mazes, primarily genbu ravine and bamboo forest as well as the underworld zone. Then there are stages that play more from a side scroller perspective or switch between the open style and side style. Most of the levels are designed nicely as you go through them, find a way to reach the end, explore to search for some hidden treasures all over the place, then battle a boss nearing the end. The maps also have a very creative art style to them.
Enemies and Bosses
Enemy wise, this can be either a pro or a con depending on preferences. From start to finish you'll be facing fairies, monstrous centipedes, frogs, plants, and cursed fairies to get an idea. Where giant knights don't appear until you go through the Labyrinth stages (after beaten storyline) and Skull tank thingies until you reach the underworld zone. The good side to this is they all have different variants of their type which does give variety. Fairies can wield swords, lances, cast multi shot spells, wide area ones, along with a little evasive strike that can be performed to. Plants usually have an aoe around them, shoots all over the place with seeds, or has more of a specific targeting.
Boss wise however each one you face plays and fights differently, from the 3 fairies of light, to Wriggles bug swarms and danmaku, Mokou's phoenix skills, to Alices dolls, Suikias might as an Oni, Patchouli's several elemental spell casts, Flandres overwhelming power along with leviatainn and cloning etc. And lastly even a giant python snake and robot. Bosses have alot more of a unique variety to them than enemies which does make them alot of fun while adding a challenge to them as well.
Final Statements
While some of the enemy variants may seem to be pretty lackluster, the boss battles in this game will make up for it. Switching between Sakuya and Remilia gives out a fair share of replayability due to their differences in style. Overall this being a game similar to a dungeon crawler with rpg elements does make the game enjoyable alot more and definitely worth trying out as its not incredibly long of a game and for that short amount of time theres still plenty to do in it. Labyrinth was alot of fun to go through aside from some repetitive level layout and even some equipment and gear could net you a special ability unique to that item equipped.
Music wasn't bad for the majority with much of Remilia's tune being in different variants. So if you enjoy rpg type games with a bit of a rogue like approach but with action, then give this one a go.

Review from Steam

Great if you're a Touhou fan.

Review from Steam


Review from Steam

my hands are shaking... pain and suffering... really... did i deserve this? maybe..

Review from Steam

Play as a shorty JoJo reference vampire being framed for destroying your own real estate being lead astray by Yellow Journalism then go on a journey to hell to fight Chernobyl-Chan only to escape to Shadow Moses Island to fight a Metal Gear piloted by a nerdy Otaku Shrine Maiden trying to reenact Armored Core.
Whatever ZUN and the devs was drinking while writing Touhou, I want some.

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