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Top Gang

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Top Gang is a very chaotic platform game for up to 4 players cooperative. In Top Gang you have to eliminate all the enemies in the level to be able to advance at the same time you have to rescue the "Nuggets" and take them safely to the exit. Your friends can be a great help or a stumbling block because while the game is cooperative it is also competitive who can rescue more "Nuggets"?

Elemental advantages and disadvantages
Each character has their own element giving them advantages with their respective elements.

Use weapon recoil to your advantage
It is possible to escape situations or do some maneuvers using the weapon's recoil.

The Nuggets are a peaceful and friendly race but also very tasty, tired of being captured all the time by the black mask gang they made a magical ritual that ended up going wrong and freeing the elemental ghosts that instead of helping them joined the gang of black mask. With no way out they went to the Top Gang firm to ask for help, Shack Joe being the leader of the company accepted the request and gathered his group to rescue the captured nuggets and destroy all the elemental ghosts.
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