Timekeepers Battleground

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About the Game

Are you ready to build an army of champions from iconic points in time? Then dust off your time machine and face down the epic Timekeepers in the large scale arenas! Some of the things you will experience in game are..

  • Undertake countless battles in normal, hard or endless nightmare mode!
  • Face off against increasingly difficult Timekeepers
  • All encounters are different for every play and replay
  • The campaign is only the beginning. Earn the power needed to advance!
  • Draw a shop, buy an army, place and combine champions!
  • Each champion has unique stats, resources and ultimate ability
  • Use the time machine to progress time on your side of the arena!
  • Unlock new champions as you reach new time ages
  • Send champions through the time machine to enhance them further
  • Choose between spending your economy on time advancements or army upgrades
  • Each champion has several special traits that are crucial to success
  • Structure powerful synergies on your board by combining champions of that share traits
  • Make the most of your shop draws by adapting between over 80 champion choices from all ages!
  • Dedicate a small force to the jungle arena to earn resources!
  • Craft items for your key champions to significantly empower them
  • Combine and upgrade items and build some truly broken hero champions!
  • Unlock new Timekeepers by beating them on Hard mode or higher!
  • Level up your Timekeepers to advance their unique talent trees
  • Join forces to take on teams of Timelords in the Co-Op battle modes!
  • Fight your buddies in our friendly fire mode
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