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Those Left Behind

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Game Concept:

Those Left Behind is a 3rd person action-horror zombie game with elements of survival, time management and base management. It has a day and night cycle.

Night time is the time to get things done. One survivor is selected to venture out into the world to scavenge. The others stay at home resting or working to build stations at their home (stations, such as workshops and bedrooms, provide benefits to the community). After the player assigns jobs, the player selects a location from the main map for the lone survivor to visit. The player must use the survivor to scavenge for resources before daylight returns. While scavenging, the player can find building materials for stations, weapons, clothes/armor and other items such as lock-picks.

At night enemies are usually slow but they can still hurt the survivor if the player is not careful. Throughout the scavenging phase there is the possibility of Events. Events are periods in the night cycle during which the sky turns red and enemies become ferocious and alert.

Day time is the time to stay at home. Survivors can either rest or guard the base to protect against possible zombie attacks.

Some Game Features to Note:

1. Survivor characters have backstories and traits (for example: faster speed)

2. Survivor have statuses (Injury Status, Fatigue Status, Hunger Status, Sickness Status)

3. Survivors can equip a variety of melee weapons, primary weapons, and secondary weapons

4. A trading system (survivors can visit trading posts)

5. Many different locations, such as Industrial Area, Supermarket, Hospital, etc

6. A story that drives game progression


Imagine that one morning half of the population suddenly and mysteriously disappears. A few later hours later, the sun turns red and almost everyone else becomes a bloodthirsty monster. Those who didn’t turn into zombies, Those Left Behind must fight to survive. They must scavenge during the night and stay out of sight during the day. Lead a group of survivors and build a home. How long can they survive this nightmare? Will it ever come to an end?
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