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They Came From Dimension X

They Came From Dimension X Screenshot 1
They Came From Dimension X Screenshot 3
They Came From Dimension X Screenshot 5

THEY CAME FROM DIMENSION X is a sci-fi horror first person shooter where up can be down can be left can be right; where gravity is only as consistent as the ground your boots are stepping upon. Navigate labyrinthine research stations, strange alien planets and escheresque eldritch tombs that fold in upon and out of themselves while surviving your maddened colleagues, monstrous entities, and worse.

  • Every surface is a potential play field: wherever your feet last touched ground is where your gravity points.
  • Arm yourself with a classic arsenal featuring trigonometric twists.
  • Defend yourself against a host of bizarre Lovecraftian creatures.
  • Explore exotic environments as deadly as the enemies within them.
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