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The Trooper

The Trooper Screenshot 1
The Trooper Screenshot 3
The Trooper Screenshot 5

The Trooper is a third-person shooter in a modern war setting and Low Poly style. Gameplay – the game will be divided into companies – The player will be able to take part in a variety of events. – The game has a stealth system, flight equipment, special operations, rp servers, network game.

The ability to use stationary machine guns, cannons and anti-aircraft guns, and much more, – The ability to use various vehicles from cars and armored vehicles to airplanes and helicopters. – Detection display – when the player is declassified

The ability to modify some weapons Weapons: some types have the ability to change the fire mode (single / automatic), as well as the aiming mode (optics / from the hip) – Multiplayer with a cooperative is planned in the game.

Multiplayer – you will have battles on large-scale maps using various weapons with up to 64 players.

Competently disposing of the available arsenal and skills, you have to lead your team to victory!

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