The Secret Weapon

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Feature List

  • Unleash Your Inner Madness

    Dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds and embrace the insanity of The Secret Weapon.

  • Laugh-Out-Loud Fun

    Prepare for endless laughter with friends as you compete to create the most ludicrous combinations in this hilarious card game.

  • Randomized Mayhem

    Every game is a new adventure with randomly chosen phrases and unpredictable reactions, ensuring non-stop entertainment.

  • Easy to Learn, Impossible to Master

    Simple gameplay mechanics make it accessible to all, but the limitless possibilities guarantee a fresh challenge every time.

  • Over 70 Cards, 90+ Phrases

    Enjoy endless laughs with a wide variety of cards and phrases, ensuring each game of The Secret Weapon is a unique and hilarious experience.

About the GameDive into the madcap chaos of The Secret Weapon, a wild multiplayer online card game where insanity reigns supreme! Get ready to burst into fits of laughter as you challenge your friends in battles of absurd creativity!

Start the game with 4 cards and plunge into unrestrained fun! Each turn, a master is randomly chosen and faces a daunting decision: selecting a phrase from a list of equally bizarre options! Other players must then tap into their twisted imaginations to choose the craziest card from their hand and react to the phrase chosen by the master. A point is awarded to the player who presents the most insane reaction!

With a myriad of absurd cards and off-the-wall phrases, every game is a journey into pure absurdity! Prepare to lose your mind as you strive to accumulate points and become the ultimate king of madness in The Secret Weapon!

NOTE: The game must be played by at least 3 players in order to start a game.

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