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The Secret Order 6: Bloodline

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THRILLING STORY SET IN A MYSTERIOUS JUNGLE! Since the dawn of time, humanity has searched for panaceum – a miracle medicine that can cure every known disease and even overcome death. 39 VIBRANT LOCATIONS TO EXPLORE! Sarah Pennington travels to a research facility in the heart of South America, invited by her mother – a microbiologist – and immediately gets drawn into the whirlwind of dangerous adventures. 40 CAPTIVATING PUZZLES AND SCENES WITH HIDDEN OBJECTS! Sarah’s mother gets kidnapped by an old enemy, the Dragon Clan, which conducts secret experiments in the jungle and won’t hesitate to do anything to get the miraculous plant that grants control over life and death. FASCINATING LABORATORY MINIGAMES! Will Sarah save her mother and find the mysterious plant? Features 39 extraordinary locations! Thrilling story in a mysterious jungle! 40 intricate puzzles and HO scenes! Fascinating laboratory minigames! Stop the Dragon Clan's deadly experiments!
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Quite good and original HOG.

Review from Steam

The "Secret Order" hidden object games published (but not developed) by Artifex Mundi are not going to set the world on fire, but they are (thus far) consistently fun to play with lovely scenes and environments and decent (though not revolutionary) plots/writing.
And this entry in the series is no different.
The scenes and environments are colourful and imaginative, and the puzzles/mini-games are decent (nothing truly unusual, mind you).
Note that the writing is pretty naff, and the plot machinations/scene transitions verge on nonsensical (you will find yourself in strange and unusual places with little clue as to why your'e there and what the organically derived reasons are for you doing the things the flimsy excuse for a plot insists you should be doing), featuring the weakest plotting of the series.
All in all though, I can ultimately recommend this game to HOG fans (but wait until it's on sale!)

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