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The Sabotage

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About the GamePlay scoring matches in co-op mode on randomly generated maps and become a sabotage master!

One match lasts 10 minutes, it's time to meet the victory condition of the diggers and the saboteur. Matches are played on randomly generated maps.

- Play one of the roles (digger / saboteur)

- As a saboteur, don't let yourself be exposed

- Replenish consumable equipment

- Remember the battery in the headlamp

- Demolish parts of tunnels

- Each match is a new randomly generated map

- Earn STEAM achievements

- Have fun with your friends or players from all over the world!


The gold is in one of the few marked places. Find them before the time runs out.


If time runs out and no gold is found, you win! Use the colophon, ax, dynamite and persuasion to lead the diggers in the tunnels incorrectly.


Each item has a certain durability. Pickaxes, flashlight batteries, dynamite etc. can be found in the respective chests.


Tunnel fragments can be demolished by saboteurs and diggers. Remember, however, that the collapsed tunnel cannot be rebuilt.

One of us is a saboteur, it's up to him to keep it a secret until the very end and get all the gold for himself!
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