The Painscreek Killings

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WHO IS THIS GAME FOR This game is for anyone who likes to read, loves good stories and enjoy whodunit detective games. The game plays 10 to 20 hours on average, depending on the player's playstyle. STORY As Janet, a young and upcoming journalist, you have been asked by your editor to investigate the mysterious abandonment of a once lively town. Based on the information released by the media about the deaths of the townspeople, you set foot into the town thinking you would find an interesting story to publish, only to uncover secrets that were meant to stay hidden forever. GAMEPLAY The Painscreek Killings borrows mechanics from a walking simulator but goes beyond it by making the players think. It mimics real world investigations with logical puzzles that do not hold your hand, allow you to explore wherever your investigation lead, and a captivating story waiting to be discovered.

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