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The Long Sky VR

The Long Sky VR Screenshot 1
The Long Sky VR Screenshot 3
The Long Sky VR Screenshot 5

Hello, this game is the VR version of my other game “Long Sky”, which integrates all the optimizations of the latter and is completely re-created for VR control.

When you were playing a 2D flight shooting game, did you think about these two questions: “What is the little spaceship thinking below? What does the world look like?” Based on these two questions, I developed this game.

In the game, players will come to the spacecraft, avoid meteorites and enemies in a 3D parallel battlefield, and accumulate as many points as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you like this game.

  • Control your spacecraft to move on the plane in VR first-person perspective, avoiding or destroying all objects hitting it.
  • Earn higher points to unlock achievements and challenge leaderboards.
  • VR plane arcade style casual game.
  • Full VR control, easy to learn and smooth game control experience.
  • Fast game rhythm, constantly challenging past scores is addictive.
  • Unlimited play mode, only you can stop yourself from stopping.
  • Steam achievements, leaderboard support.
  • Steam cloud support.
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