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The Long Journey Home

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There are a million stars in the universe. Only one of them is Home. It was supposed to be a short test run – a quick flight to Alpha Centauri and back. But when mankind’s first experimental jump drive goes wrong, you and your crew find yourselves trapped on the wrong side of the galaxy. Now, you are entirely on your own – and the only way back leads through the vast unknown of outer space. On your strange journey, you will encounter unforeseen obstacles and unimaginable treasures. You will fail and you will pick yourselves up again. You will suffer painful losses and also make new friends – in a vibrant universe that changes its design with every new journey. Your most important goal: Bring your crew back home to their families and friends.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

The Long Journey Home deserves all the white knights it can get, and I am certainly willing to be one. The day 1 reviews were a tragedy, because this is one of the most unique rogue like FTL-vibe games I have ever seen. The devs put tons of effort into all sorts of aspects of the game, but most of all, it is very lore rich, and it will take you many many many playthroughs before you start to scrape the surface of what this game has going for it.
I wish that Steam had a system that allowed day 1 bad reviews to lose their weight in the overall %, over time, if the future reviews became more positive across the board, because I think that anyone who likes FTL but wishes there was more to it, would love The Long Journey Home.
Cannot recommend this enough. The tutorial trailers they added to the steam page should fix any issues that the people on day 1 had. This game was worth the $40 they were charging on day 1. It is certainly worth $10.

Review from Steam

loving the game. especially the part were you cant complete the game one tile before the end gate because it is a black hole and you have no jumps.

Review from Steam

so, this game is definetly not for everyone. but it might be for you if you:
-like games with a heavy focus on exploration/discovery
-like games with a focus on resource management
-dont mind progress setbacks when you screw up (however there is a "storymode" that is very forgiving if this is an issue for you)
-are patient enough to learn the controls
-know basic orbital mecanics/own ksp (its very basic stuff but not knowing how to properly navigate a solarsystem is going to make things dificult)
if you think you fit this description then you have a very charming and lovingly crafted world infront of you, waiting to be explored, and a few quite endearing storylines to lead you throug it.
if the game is on sale, go get it thats a steal, and if it isn't do so anyways, worst that could hapen is that you have to refund it
(also i have dyslexia, leave me alone)

Review from Steam

Lots of fun, randomized and reminds me of Star Trek Voyager, the best Star Trek show ever.

Review from Steam

A brutal and long journey is ahead of you, But only if the game is on sale.
Overall Review: Space isn't empty, but a whole lot bigger.

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