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The Last Order: Dungeons

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The Last Order Dungeons is a classic arcade game with addictive gameplay, where you fight against hostile forces that want to take over the world. Each duel is different by procedurally generated opponents, so each approach to the game will be unique.

By fighting enemies, you gain experience, which increases the number of your hero's lives and reduces the cooldown of special spells. Along with the higher level you will unlock new unique skins for your hero. In the game you will find a lot of unique dungeons that differ in style and difficulty.

There are five modes in the game:
-Campaign consisting of 12 dungeons with 5 levels each.
-Freeplay where you fight an infinite number of enemies.
-Challenges in which we have to defeat a certain number of enemies using only basic attacks.
-Training, where you can practice on your skills.
-Quick Game, which you can play at any time and break your records.

The Last Order Dungeons are:

-Addictive gameplay
-Classic retro 1-bit style
-Unlocking new skins
-Character leveling
-Dungeon exploration
-Amazing 8-bit music
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Art is good, music and sound are amazing, much content, not much else to say.
This game has a simple concept, so simple in fact that it is hard to balance it between "So hard that it's frustrating" and "So easy that it's boring". However, after the first patches, they managaed to reach exactly that balance, with level-like challenges, a difficulty setting and a customizable training mode.
Also remember to use your spells! Makes the game both more exciting and easier.

Review from Steam

It's pretty good. Very simple, maybe almost too simple, but there is a really surprising amount of content here. It could have been a GameBoy game, and I mean that in a good way.

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